Monday 14 December 2015

1/2400 WW1 Naval - WTJ Light Cruisers

British and German New Additions

Welcome Ladies and Gents to a short show off post for the latest additions to my British and German WW1 Collections. I placed a largish order with WTJ earlier in the year and the larger ships were part of a couple of posts you will find on the back issues of the blog.

Painting and basing is my usual method, we had a very interesting (and quite funny) discussion on TMP after the last post with someone saying my basing looked like "fridge magnets", horses for courses ! If you want the tutorial for the method to paint and make these you will find it HERE. You may also find it useful if you have a number of business cards or lists you need to stick to your cooler, I aim to please.

I painted up 5 British and 5 German Light Cruisers, here they are.

HMS Chatham
HMS Nottingham
All 5 British Ships

HMS Lowestoft
 And the Germans

The collection which was of course just a small skirmish game has now spread into 2 box files, oh well. I have got a large batch of destroyers from both sides on the brew so expect to see those before the new year.

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