Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A WW1 Naval Deathmatch - GHQ vs WTJ

Battle of the 1/2400 Ships

Scharnhorst for GHQ and Good Hope for WTJ
I had some new arrivals this week for my WW1 project, a couple of GHQ ships from Magister Militum (great service, quick delivery) and after a recommendation on TMP some samples from WTJ in the USA. So for a bit of fun I thought I would paint them up and put them up in a celebrity death match for you guys to vote on, so at the end in the comments or on one of TMP Lead Adventure posts vote for your preference and then at the end of the month I will post the winner.

Nurnberg for GHQ Leipzig for WTJ
One thing to take into consideration here is cost, (taking an average and using $1.57 to the £) Capital Ships cost £9.75 and £5.57 from WTJ, Armoured Cruisers from GHQ £7.00 from WTJ £3.34, Light Cruisers £6.00 and £3.00, Destroyers £3.15 and £1.43. In anyones book that's a big difference.

SMS Gniesneau GHQ
SMS Scharnhorst GHQ
Sisters in Arms GHQ

The GHQ models are no doubt a thing of beauty when complete, they really paint up a dream, only downsides are 1, they are a right pain to put together, 2, the masts are very fragile and I can see them getting broken in games.

HMS Good Hope (A Drake Class AC) WTJ
 I used the opportunity to get the ships (minus HMS Otranto which no one does) for Coronel along with a sample destroyer from WTJ. Have to say that I am impressed, the detail is good, they are manufactured using some form of witchcraft which I don't understand, but they arrive as a semi transparent model which looks like an extra from an Alien movie. But painted and based they really come to life.

HMS Monmouth WTJ
British Armoured Cruisers prior to sinking. WTJ

They are slightly less detailed than the GHQ and would look better with masts (which I will one day get round to making and adding) but for the price ? well I'll let you decide.

HMS Canopus, at a top speed of 14 knts not much use for watersking WTJ
SMS Leipzig WTJ
G85 Destroyer WTJ
So there we have it get voting people.

The growing German High Seas Fleet

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