Friday 14 November 2014

Spanish Civil War - Andalusian Motorcade

28mm SCW Andalusian Scenario and AAR

The Legion advance
Back to a spot of "proper"gaming this week with some 28mm Spanish Civil War action this week, this was the first period I ever covered on the blog and it remains a firm favourite amongst the group I game with.

This game was inspired by the excellent Steves Balagan site and a scenario of the same name at that location, many thanks to Steve for allowing me to use his map of the game. Our rules and scale are different but it was easy enough to adapt. For a full run down on our game system and the purchase method of re enforcements I refer you back to an earlier post on the blog, here.


In August 1936 the Nationalist drive on Madrid, La Marcha, was in full force, the tactic was far from subtle, drive down the road at speed until they met resistance. Dismount and attack, then move on to the next village. Our game recreates one of these meetings.

Starting Forces

Nationalist - 2 companies of Legion (Each with 1 x 4 fig Command and 3 x 8 fig sections each with an LMG), one company of Guardia Civil (1 x 4 fig Command and 3 x 6 fig sections armed with rifles), to support the attack were a UNL 35 and a Bilbao, both Armoured Cars. Set up south of A on the map (North is up).

Republican - 2 companies of POUM Militia each with 1 x 4 fig Command and 3 x 10 fig sections (no LMG), supported by a Maxim Machine Gun and 2 x Snipers. Set up in the village.

Each side started with 10 money rolls and a further 3 per turn, see link above.

Militia wait for the attack
Our latest high tech munitions delivery system or "ammo on a donkey"
There was quite a bit of terrain to hide behind in this game so the Nationalists managed to creep forward with relatively light casualties, mostly from the Maxim and the odd sniper, one company of Legion advanced towards the Church, the other and the Guardia Civil took advantage of the tight terrain on the other side. A firefight broke out between a section of Militia in the southern most building in the village and the majority of the Nationalist, there would only be one result.

The Guardia join in the attack

The Guardia Officer clearly missed day one at Camouflage School, a red cape in a battle, really !
The financial side of the game degenerated, as it always does into "race for the tank", usually at the expense of units having Ammunition both sides managed to get a T 26 fairly early on but it was the Republicans who picked up the second. The Nationalist invested in a Heavy Mortar and lots of Carlists.

Stood around discussing collectivisation of land when a stray round ruins you day.

That was a bad turn for the POUM their morale is shaky at the best of times but now with no HQ things were looking bad, a cheer did rise shortly after that when the Republicans managed to get the first air attack of the day, the "balls of death" dropped from the sky and once again (see last game) took out the UNL 35, before strafing a unit of Legion.

Desperate defending, a Dynamitearo takes on 4 Guardia (and loses badly when he drops the lit dynamite in front of himself)
By now the Nationalists had started to make ground, they gained a foothold in the village and captured the Church, even with the advantage in tanks (the Nationalist T 26 had retreated off table after a failed morale check) the Republicans were in difficulty, a late re enforcement from the Mac Paps of the International Brigade was there last, best hope.

The final attack goes in

Not what the Militia needed
One final glorious charge by Legion and the Carlists finished off a company of Militia in one turn finishing off the game as the remaining Republicans fell back under the cover of their tanks. A good enjoyable game, we had a couple of SCW newbies and they had a good time as well.

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