Tuesday 4 November 2014

Russian Museum of Artillery - St Petersburg

A Day out with the Big Guns (Part 1 outside)

T - 80
I was lucky enough to have recently spent some time in the beautiful city of St Petersburg, Russia, what a fantastic place ! Full of history, loads to see and do and most things pretty cheap to boot.

I managed to spend an afternoon at the Russian Museum of Artillery and well worth it too. The museum is situated next to the Peter and Paul Fortress about 5 mins walk from the nearest metro (tube) station. There is a large area outside the museum with lots and I mean lots of larger exhibits. Entrance to the museum is 300 roubles (about £4.25) and there a two very large floors of exhibits. All the info is in Russian but that really doesn't lessen the experience.

In the mid to late eighties I was pretty sure that I would see the T 80 above rolling towards me from a foxhole in the Western German plain, it was much better seeing it under these circumstances.

I will let the pictures do the talking from here, if you do recognise any of the stuff I don't know leave a message below.

Pic 2 guessing a mine layer
Pic 3 looks like an underwater MTLB any ideas ?
Pic 4 lots of SP Artillery
Pic 5 AA row
Pic 6 For those hard to take out bunkers
Pic 7 That's a big gun ! Any Ideas

Pic 8 SP Gun ISU 122 ?

Pic 9 Looks like some sort of automatic trench digger

Pic 10 Field Art Row 1

Pic 11 AA towed row

Pic 12 Field Art row 2

Pic 13 Large unidentified SP Gun

Pic 14 Russian MRLS

Pic 14 Field Art row 3
Thanks for looking and if you do recognise anything, especially Pic 7 and 3 let me know, I'll put some pics of the inside up later in the month.

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