Monday, 26 May 2014

28mm WW2 Italian Bersaglieri

28mm WW2 Italian Bersaglieri (Desert)

These guys were never really part of the plan, I was going for a Battalion of standard Italian Infantry plus the Giovani Facisti I featured in a previous blog. However I went to the Recon show last Xmas near my home in Leeds and couldn't find anything I needed, in danger of being cast out for not buying something at a show, I went for the "oh, they are nice" option and bought the Warlord Games Bersaglieri box set.

The box contains 21 figs, 15 foot, a light mortar with 2 crew and an MMG with 3 crew, also shown is a 47mm ATG l bought over tinterwebnet last month.

Basic Infantry types
Breda MMG and crew, sandbags added by me
Pea Shooter and crew
47mm ATG looked a bit bare with no gun shield so I added some sand bags

Front and rear view of one of the figs
They have painted up quite well, I prefer the Perry stuff, they have that touch more detail and character but will certainly get some more of these to make up enough for a company (or 2, or a battalion, I know !)

Certainly looking forward to getting a big game on with the Desert stuff, I have the next batch of vehicles half done so when the current Naval Mini Campaign is done (see other posts and the background of the top photo, oops) that might be next.

In general wargame world it was a pleasant trip to Triples a couple of weeks ago. My lead mountain was on the way down but I ended up buying a couple more boxes of Perrys desert stuff, some Panzer 1s for SCW and a box of the 28mm Agema Romans to try out. It might just be me but I find the current venue for Triples "soulless" its a big sports hall at the end of the day, to me things just get lost in the enormodome.

The old Octagon had character, lots of different rooms lots of soul, it was a pain to park near, even a bigger pain if you were a trader or putting a game on but it just had something about it. It might just be nostalgia but I genuinely used to look forward to Triples now I can take it or leave it, for me York is now the best show in the area and one I always look forward too (its near my birthday as well so usually have lost of figure tokens to use up). Sheffield Wargames Society do a great job organising the thing its not a criticism of them, its horses for courses and I'm running at York.

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