Tuesday, 13 May 2014

28mm WW2 Desert British Armour Pt 2

28mm WW2 Desert British Armour Part 2

Honey, Crusader I and a Daimler I
Got round to finishing these off after a week away, there is quite a queue on the vehicle production line at the moment, I have 2 Semoventes, 3 M13/40s and a Lancia Truck mounting a 90mm gun for my Italians and a Mk 6 Light tank, 3 A10 cruisers, a jeep and another Daimler for the Brits in various stages of construction, priming and undercoating.

First up a blitzkrieg miniatures M3 Stuart or "Honey" as it is more popularly known, this model has been around for a while and has proved quite deadly in our early war play testing, advanced sights and a gun which isn't a 2pdr make light work of my Italian stuff. It has been painted in standard desert brown to get it on the table, got finished off this week in the lt blue caunter scheme and finished with the wonderful domsdecals . The name Bellman is a genuine tank name of this type.

Next up a Crusader MkI this time from warlordgames , have to say I'm really happy with how this one came out, especially in the top photo. Still experimenting with the green on this version of the caunter scheme, after being too green on the Matilda (see previous post) this might be not green enough, anyway I've got 3 A10s to do some more practice on. The tank has been named "Battleaxe" painted on the rear of the turret (not in view) a common British tank name of the period. The tank commander is from Perrys.

Finally from this batch is a Daimler I again from Warlord. I couldn't find any pictures of this vehicle in caunter so I have gone for a two tone scheme which is on the example at Bovington. This one is as yet un named, I haven't found any examples of named Daimlers, if you know different let me know.

Now for a bit of a steam release regarding Warlord, they are a relatively new company and they have come a long way in a short time, mostly their stuff is great but recently I have noticed a marked drop off in quality of the castings. Both the Crusader and the Daimler above have badly warped chassis and there were some very bad casting lines on the rear of the Daimler turret, which I gave up on and covered with the turret hatch. Both these models are released in the fancy printed boxes meaning that they will be the ones that go to model shops etc and therefore the molds will get a big hammering. The Mk6 I bought recently had one of the tracks miss formed and part of the resin wasn't set, I'm still waiting for a replacement part 6 weeks later, they haven't even dealt with my complaint yet.

I do hope that they haven't got so big that they forget about production standards and customer care.


  1. FYI, for Caunter colors, ask around at TMP. There's definitely no sky blue option, that's an error at some British museum. Actually, for the Stuart there's very good paint jobs at the Battlefront site, including lots of Caunter schemes. Personally, I bought Starmer's book which is very detailed and very helpful. Cheers, alex

    1. Cheers Alex, the stuff I read had slate grey as one of the colours which overtime changed in the strong sunlight to azure or light blue, which is what I was going for on the Stuart.
      LRDG diaries also refer to a light blue, its Bovington tank museum where a number of the exhbits are in this colour as well as the green shown on the Crusader and the Matilda. Its the home to our Royal Tank Regiment so if it is wrong, I'm in good company !
      Thanks for the info, I'll look into it further.