Thursday 1 February 2024

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 50 - Toofatlardies World Cup Winners


For my Golden Jubilee Episode I thought I'd celebrate with a couple of the hobbies luminaries, who just happen to have recently won the World Cup of Historical Wargames Rules with their Chain of Command WW2 set, not only that the runners up were another one of their rule sets, Sharp Practice.

The episode is available on all major Podcast hosts or via the link below

Nick and Rich have done many Podcasts in the past so I tried to approach familiar topics from a different angle or ask new questions, in Part 2 I turned the tables on Rich and got him to interview me on Sidney Roundwoods 7 golden rules of Podcasting.

It was a great way to celebrate 50 Episodes, here's to another 50 more !

The next episode will be the Xmas Brews in the Binyard, I did have another 3 episodes planned for this year, but I don't want to make the same mistake as last year and end up burning out trying to catch up, so those will appear early in 2024.

Finally thanks to all the listeners over the last 50 episodes, great to have you all on board.

Until next time, Sithee

Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer 

As usual here is the precious episode, now on the Utubes 


  1. Ken,

    You asked for feedback so here is some.

    I should start by saying that I have enjoyed your podcasts. I think that you are an excellent interviewer who manages to bring out a lot from your guests. The topics are interesting, flow well and are never boring. I have recommended your podcasts to some friends.

    However, (isn’t there always one), I found the recent podcast with the Two Fat Lardies team a bit disturbing, in particular the continuing references to women’s underwear. I understand that it was meant to be lighthearted and I’m coming to this from the perspective of good manners rather than a PC agenda. My test is - would my wife or daughter (or me) be embarrassed if they heard this and my answer would be yes. Perhaps I am unduly prissy but there was a lot of good stuff and work being done by the guests to expand the hobby and I think that it would put some people off.

    I will listen to future podcasts but I hope that this helps. Please carry on the good work and feel free to delete this if you don’t think it is fair.


    1. Hi Charles,

      Thanks for commenting (at least the positive bits anyway !) 😁

      Regarding the point on this episode I will honestly have to listen to it again as I don't remember anything that I would consider untoward.
      The problem that I have is that it is very much my intention to add some humour into a hobby that at times can be pretty boring. As soon as you introduce humour into any situation there is a danger that someone would find offense. I think without the attempts at humour and the spontaneity of the guests it would be half as popular as it is.
      I take on board what you say and I will listen to the show again to see if I can identify the issue, however after 120,000 downloads this is the first comment mentioning anything like this. Some of our Brews in the Binyard are close to the edge a d I give a warning at the start of those (I wouldn't want kids listening to some of those), maybe I needed a warning on this episode but anyone who knows Rich knows what he is like.
      All three people in that episode are in their late 50s or early 60s and have a very different view of what is funny to someone younger.
      That's not to say I would deliberately be offensive, context is away key to me, as you say we were being lighthearted and I think that is key to the show.
      Glad to hear you will keep listening, as I say I never mean to be offensive, unless you use round dice and then you deserve it 😉😆

      Regards Ken