Tuesday, 2 May 2023

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 42 George Nafziger - Author and King of the OOB

Welcome to Episode 42 of the Yarkshire Gamer Podcast and today I have an absolute hobby legend for you.

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Episode 42 - George Nafziger - Author and King of the OOB | Yarkshire Gamers Reet Big Wargames Podcast (podbean.com)

George Nafziger is a prolific author who has had many many titles published over the years. His first book in 1988 Napoleons Invasion of Russia was a fantastic debut and the subsequent series of books on the later 1813 and 1814 Campaigns are absolutely essential reading on the topics. When the came out they were the first easily accessible source of information on those campaigns I was aware of in the English Language. We in the UK were often fixated on Waterloo and Wellingtons Campaign in Spain that these books opened up a new area of interest in the Napoleonic Wars.

Not only that my guest is well known for his amazing series of Orders of Battle from the mid 17th Century onwards which are available both online and in the case of the WW2 series in book form. Its hard to describe the level of detail that is contained in these lists. If you want an accurate army with the kit they had, this is the place to go for research.

It was great to talk to George and as you would expect from Yarkshire Gamer, no rabbit hole was left explored ! I did have some technical issues with the recording but hopefully they have been ironed out in the edit.

George has a web site covering his books and orders of battle

Home - Nafziger Collection

With the books available here

Products Archive - Nafziger Collection

Remember if you are ordering from outside the US, contact George direct via e-mail and he will sort out the postage rates for the country of your choice.

Or By mail at

PO Box 1522

West Chester, OH 45071-1522

Or by email


Next episode I hope to be talking with Paul Thompson of Early War Miniatures. 

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And as always here's a video of the last episode with Nick Schofield about the Papal Zouaves


  1. Looking forward to these two episodes, especially the latest.

  2. I was listening to one of your old podcasts (#20) today as they are the perfect accompaniment to figure painting which prompted me to take a look at your Risorgimento figures on the blog. What was it made you decide not to go with the Mirliton range? It is pretty comprehensive even some look a little old-school.

    1. Hi Rob, firstly thanks for tuning into the Podcast, if your on number 20 you've got plenty more to go at !

      I did look at the Mirliton range but it just didn't appeal to me, that old school figure look really doesn't fit with my painting style. That and ordering anything from Italy has always been a lottery. I've enjoyed searching for figures in different ranges and that's been part of the joy of the Project.