Wednesday 16 February 2022

Troops on Parade - 28mm WW1 Turkish Army


Welcome to another Troops on Parade feature here at Yarkshire Gamer, regulars will know that the TOP prefix to a post means that you are about to see one of the many of collections in its full glory. At the end of the day this is just an excuse to get a load of figures on the table 😁

This collection represents the Turkish Army of WW1 and is a regular on the table here in our regular Mesopotamia games (see the WW1 in the East tab at the side of the blog).

Our scale is 28mm (of course), the vast majority of the figures are from Woodbine Design Company, a part of Gripping Beast, links to the figures are below.

For rules we use the wonderful If the Lord Spares Us by Toofatlardies 

This post contains lots of still photos of the figures, if you prefer a video version, then the link to that is below.

First up with the Photos is the Artillery, 2 bases from Woodbine and 2 from Tiger Miniatures, all 75mm Krupp Guns

After that we move onto a unit of 24 Lancers from the rather obscure if lovely East Ablaze range from Minifigs (yes that Minifigs !), link to the range below

And a unit of regular Turkish Cavalry this time from Tiger Miniatures slightly earlier Balkans War range.

The remainder of the Army is Infantry, consisting of 8 battalions.

There is a selection of High Command Figures

The regular Turkish Infantry, these units have 2 Command Figures and 4 companies of 8 figures.

Then there are 3 Arab Turkish Infantry Battalions, these have 4 x 6 figure companies, again with 2 Command Figures.

And to finish off a unit of Stormtroopers which have 8 figure companies, each unit has an attached Machine Gun base. The figures are all from Woodbine Design and can be found on the link below.

Hope you have enjoyed that little trip round my WW1 Turkish Army. Hopefully it will be on the table soon for our delayed Christmas Game. If you missed it first time round the video of the opposing British and Empire force is below.


  1. Very, very impressive on so many levels:).

  2. Hello old chap,

    That is a sight to gladden the heart of an Ottoman army fanboy for sure! Beautiful work old chap.

    All the best,


  3. A smashing collection. Looking forward to reading another game report from MesPot.

    1. Cheers AJ, hope to get something organised soon 👍

  4. A great and impressive collection Ken