Saturday 18 September 2021

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 14 - Robbie Roddis - Peter Gilder


Well it's back to the normal format this episode as I talk to a stalwart of the North East gaming scene Robbie Roddis. Robbie will be well known to many for the great display games he put on over the years with his partner in crime John Reidy.

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Robbie has a number of different websites but it was his love of the Borgias and his site dedicated to building his Cesare Army that inspired me to get into the Italian Wars and I think we all know where that went !

Aut Caesar, Aut Nihil (

The first half of the show is dedicated to Robbie and his gaming as well as the usual Yarkshire Gamer Quiz. We discuss many different topics, Robbie loves a chat and has plenty of stories to share, his general wargaming blog can be found on the link below.

The Independent Wargames Group

The final section of the episode is dedicated to one of the greats of our hobby, Peter Gilder, a man associated with Yorkshire through the Wargames Holiday Centre which he founded in a village called Thornton.

Robbie has took it upon himself to get as much info, photographs and articles relating to Peter and put them together on one website. In addition to that he has gathered memories (and a video) of those who attended the WHC when it first began.

Not leaving it there, my guest has interviewed many of those who knew Peter and has gathered together an impressive collection of documents and memories which he has put together in a dedicated website, see below.

Peter Gilder A life in Wargaming

It's great that Robbie has taken the time to put all this information together and I'm sure if you have any similar documents or memories Robbie would love to hear from you.

I think its a fantastic memorial to someone who had a massive effect on our hobby, who (of a certain age !) wasn't influenced by those pictures of Peters figures in the early Wargames Magazines or those Battleground TV shows. If you haven't seen them, you are in for a treat !

(1) gettysburg - YouTube

Don't forget to send in pictures of your "bounce sticks" 

I'm hoping Episode 15 will be out mid October when I will be doing something different again. A bit of a Wargames Magazine Episode with two other Social Media Gamers, Sean Clark (God's Own Scale) and Alex Southeran (Storm of Steel) so we will have perspectives from 6mm to 28mm via 15s.

If you missed Episode 13 with the Nora Batty problem page or you want to listen again with pretty pictures then its available on the Utubes 

Until next time, Sithee

Regards Ken

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  1. What a great podcast Ken. I could listen to Robbie anc yourself all day. The Peter Gilder part was so entertaining. I’m actually the chap who has collected, researched edited and published the Gilder Sudan rules as Robbie mentions and though living in Australia, not NZ as mentioned, I’m so pleased to be described as a “Young Lad”. Just for that Robs my favourite chap in the entire world! Keep these podcasts going as they are superb.

    1. Many thanks Carlo, it was a great pleasure to put this one together, many thanks for putting the rules together for everyone to enjoy, great job

  2. Ken I have listened to all of the podcasts - thank you very much for taking the time to do these.

    I liked this the best by some distance - great conversation and reminiscin.


    1. Many thanks for your support all the way through Richard, another fun episode with Robbie ! There was about an hour off the microphone as well !

  3. That was most enjoyable. Chatted with Robbie a few times. Was lucky enough to get to the first WHC and meet Peter G. A most excellent weekend.

  4. Great chat as ever Ken, really enjoyed this episode with Robbie
    Ian F