Wednesday 1 September 2021

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast - Episode 13 - A Grand Old Catch Up


Not wanting to lumber a single guest with Episode 13 I decided it was time to introduce a new, occasional format for the show, The Catch Up.

One thing I noticed with other Podcasts I listen to is that, a guest comes on and announces a game or a new range of figures or an event and that's it you never hear from them again !

I thought it would be interesting to "catch up" with old guests and see how something they spoke about on their Episode went. Such a chat probably wouldn't need a full episode so I came up with the idea of having multiple guests on the same show, each chatting for 20 minutes to half an hour on a certain topic.

The episode is available on all major Podcast hosts or via the direct link below, if you subscribe via Podbean you will get a notification every time an episode is made available

That led me to consider adding other guests who haven't been on the show before to do a shorter format interview. So that's how this idea was born and it was all going so well until my fourth guest for this show had to pull out at the last minute. A bit of a panic, not his fault, a genuine reason but I managed to fill the time with some else new. 

So all in all a different episode, I hope you enjoy it.

I speak with Chris Breeze from Episode 1 about the World War Roses event (Battle of St Albans above) and his involvement in playtesting the new Wars of the Roses Rules, Test of Resolve.

Test of Resolve – Wargame Rules

Next up is Andrew Dickinson from my Wargames Club in Leeds and we talk about the new club venue, the history behind that and the forthcoming show FIASCO at the Royal Armouries in Leeds

Leeds Wargames Club - Organisers of FIASCO

Then its Gareth Lanes turn in the chair, another veteran of Episode One who tells us all about the huge uplifts in his ongoing projects (Retreat from Moscow 1812 above).

Finally I brought forward The Wargames Problem Page to fill the vacated interview slot. Here me and Nora Batty discuss a number of gaming topics, some controversial, some less so.

We are back to the normal format next episode (10th September) for a Peter Gilder special, when I speak to Robbie Roddis about his time in wargaming (including blaming him for getting into The Italian Wars) and his website dedicated to Mr Gilder.

Until then, Sithee

Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer

If you missed Episode 12 with Terrain Black Belt, David Marshall it's out on YouTube, to be honest it's worth watching to see his wonderful buildings on the telly !

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