Wednesday 7 October 2020

15mm WW2 Russians for Project Kursk


Last week I had a look at the Germans I had built up for my Project Kursk, this time it's the turn of the Russians, so here is my "starter" army for the Red Hordes. We don't really do skirmish gaming here 😂

As last time I've done a Utubes video covering the army, including the Infantry and support weapons.

So I have 26 T34/76s, 5 Valentine's, 10 T70s, 2 Field Guns, 2 Anti Tank Guns, 3 Companies of Infantry and some support weapons.

I did have a dabble at the Russians a couple of years ago and did some Infantry but got side tracked with Italian Wars and Crusades. All the models are from The Plastic Soldier Company and I have to say I have been very impressed, the details on the models are really good.

I've got some heavy Russian reinforcements in the spray booth as we speak to bolster the Soviet troops. This time the models are from Zvezda who are very basic compared to PSC but the range covers some gaps.

I've even put a Russian Front solo game out on the table here at Yarkshire Gamer so let's see how that goes over the next few weeks.

Thanks for watching 👍🏼


  1. Wow! Yet another very impressive line up. As you say, you don;t really do skirmish do you!

    1. Many thanks 👍🏼 the problem with skirmish stuff is I paint it all in an afternoon and then sit there thinking, what now 🤔