Sunday, 9 December 2018

28mm WW2 Warlord Italian Bersaglieri

It's been close on 2 months since I posted anything on the old blog. It's been a bit of a break full stop, I had a month off work for a trip round Italy with Mrs YG and then it has taken a bit of time to get back into the normal blogging, painting, gaming routine, but sometimes a break is good to get the mojo going again.

20mm Anti Tank Rifle 
I picked some nice straight forward Italian WW2 figures to get the Vallejo flowing again, all technique and little skill is the way forward with these boys. The figures themselves are from Warlord Games and are the last figures in my Italian to do box (not including vehicles).

Detail photo
Warlord figures are very different from the Perry Miniatures that form the mainstay of my Desert Collection, slightly larger in size, a good deal chunkier and with rougher detail, they definitely have a great character about them. The raised detail makes them easy to paint with my dry brush, wash style and for very little work it's possible to get a pretty good result.

Italian 100mm Artillery 
The main reason for clearing up the remaining Italians was to get this Artillery piece ready for action. The 100mm gun again from Warlord will definitely add a bigger bite to my Italian forces. The figures are standard for both Europe and the Desert, I simply added the Sun Hat heads to get the Desert look.

The game on the table is our next Op Compass Campaign game (No 5) however these troops are not in the Order of Battle so it might be a while before they see action.

So it's good to be back in the blogging habit, coming next will be the AAR for Albuera and a post on the Op Compass game. On the paint table is a Muslim Heavy Cavalry unit for the Crusades which I am picking at whilst prepping for this year's Analogue Hobbies Winter Paint Challenge. See you all again soon.


  1. Looking good Ken! The head swaps work well.
    FYI, I’ve been drinking Yorkshire tea at home. It was the wife’s turn to host bookclub and she was looking for old school british tea to suit the book. I suggested Yarkshire and it was a hit.

    1. Good Lad Peter, can't beat a bit of Yarkshire Tea, in fact there is a cup steaming away on the paint table as I type 👍, it will be fuelling the #AHPC soon.

  2. Good job! I also have an Italian desert force mixing Perry and Warlord models; once painted and on the table nobody really notices the differences

    1. Very true, close up the difference is obvious but at normal viewing range you can't tell.