Thursday, 13 September 2018

28mm Borgia Gendarme

The long hard slog that was the first batch of Heavy Cavalry for the Italian Wars Project is over, the second mini batch of 6 Gendarme are done (at the front) to join the other 6 which I finished a month or so ago.

Each figure having a different look, colours, horse furniture etc really slows down my decade perfected method of batch painting but now they are done I am quite pleased with the results.

The figures are from the plastic Perry Mounted Men at Arms set, as discussed in my previous post they are designed for the mid 1400s to the beginning of the Italian Wars so some will say the armour to early etc but they work for me.

The banners are from Pete's Flags (find them on eBay) and are representative of the Borgia family, famous or possibly infamous in the early part of this period. I have based a lot of the colour choices on the figures around the flags and included some Papal references on the figures along with the red bull of the family.

Base 1, the command base includes the commander with his horse decked in the family coat of arms of the Borgias and a musician wearing a smock based on the green / yellow of the central part of the flag and the bull motif.

Base 2 has a red background flag two Gendarme with Lance and some basic horse furniture.

The final base is probably my favourite of the three, this one has a yellow background flag, one figure has red horse furniture with the Papal keys painted on, whilst the other figure has plain steel but a green / yellow spiral lance.

Next up are some lighter Cavalry before I start work on my second pike block and accompanying Shotte unit which should give me enough for a few practice games.

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