Monday, 19 June 2017

15mm Project Minden - British Cavalry Complete

All six Regiments Parade.
Back in February 2015 I did a Review of the Blue Moon 15mm SYW British figures I had just purchased and later on in August of that year I put up a Post on the first unit I finished. Well here we are over 2 years later with the British Cavalry completed.

The Scots Greys advance through a Hamlet
I really like the cavalry figures from Blue Moon, especially the horses and I am extremely happy how the six units look in review mode. It's always great when you finish a small part of a larger (Minden) project and see the results displayed on the table.

The large part of the Allies Army (Hanoverian, British, Hessian, Brunswick etc) is complete with the main hole being my lack of Hanoverian Cavalry. I was hoping for a Blue Moon release of these troops but there has been nothing forthcoming so I have gone for Old Glory 15s, the only real option I could find. The first Hannoverian Regt is done with three more in various stages of completion.

Anyway, less talk more pics, here are the 6 regiments in detail,

Royal Horse Guards
1st Dragoon Guards
6th Iniskilling Dragoons
2nd Dragoons (Scots Greys)
3rd Dragoon Guards
10th Dragoons
I will definitely be back to Blue Moon when I start work on building up my French forces. Currently on the gaming table is our Spanish Civil War Jarama refight but I am going to slot in a small SYW game next to get some of these figures in their first battle, look out for our refight of Kloster Kamp soon.

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