Monday 19 September 2016

Project Jutland - The Final Batch

So that's it, it's finally done !

The painting stage of Project Jutland is over with the completion of these 32 British ships, we have 24 Destroyers and 8 Light Cruisers. I will do a full Grand Fleet Review at the end of the week but decided to do a quick post to cover this final group in a bit of detail.

The ships are of course 1/2400 in scale and all of these are manufactured by WTJ.

One of the more unusual ships at Jutland was HMS Abdiel which had been converted into a Minelayer. The exact model is not available however WTJ do this excellent Minelayer, which is actually based on HMS Legion.

The company also do a number of variations of the ubiquitous M Class Destroyer and the picture above shows the 2 Funnel Yarrow and 3 Funnel Thornycroft versions.

Just in time for the project WTJ released 3 separate models to cover the Scout Cruisers involved and lovely ships they are too.

The final ship of the final batch of the Project, HMS Chester.

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