Thursday 21 July 2016

British SYW Minden Infantry (15mm Blue Moon)

About 18 months ago on this blog I did a little feature on some 15mm figures I had recently purchased from Blue Moon, a US company via Old Glory in the UK. You can read my initial thoughts in my review of the figures here. CLICK

With other projects taking centre stage over the last couple of years I have been nibbling away at the edges of Project Minden. I already have pretty huge German States and French Armies but never got round to doing the British contingent.

The British supplied a relatively small number of troops to the battle with only 6 Line Infantry Battalions being present. The eagle eyed will notice that there should be a unit of Fusiliers in here but unfortunately the figures haven't been released in the UK yet so they have been temporarily replaced by the legendary 33rd Foot.

The actions of these merry few on the day is the stuff of legend. If you are unfamiliar with the Battle and the remarkable deeds I recommend a bit of research.

Each battalion is represented by 20 figures based in fours on 40mm x 20mm mdf bases. The flags are from the wonderful GMB Design.

I really must get round to gaming with this collection soon, there must be over 1500 Figs sat around. I think I have only used them twice over the years.

Rules wise it will be the 7yw version of General de Brigade, as we already use the Napoleonic and AWI versions it's not much of a learning curve.

Currently on the paint table I have more WW1 ships (of course !) for Project Jutland and keeping on with the SYW stuff I have started 4 battalions of French Guard which I must have had in a box for over 20 years.

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