Saturday 11 June 2016

Project Jutland - The Last of the Big Guns

German Dreadnoughts Completed 

SMS Thüringen and Ostfriesland
Hi everyone welcome back to Project Jutland, a bit of a mini update, which; never the less is a bit of a milestone in the grand scheme of things.

Presented here are the last 6 German Dreadnoughts required to complete the Big Guns for the game, all the Dreadnoughts, Pre Dreadnoughts and Battlecruisers are done, hurrah  !

The 4 ships of the Nassau Class
These remaining 6 ships were in a back order from Magister Militum who had run out of stock post Salute and had to reup from the States. It's a bit of a micro batch for me as I have tended to do bigger groups of ships previously.

A couple of Helgoland Class ships
All the ships are manufactured by GHQ in 1/2400 scale, if you are wondering about the basing, I did a tutorial on the method a while back which you can find HERE.

SMS Nassau to you
SMS Nassau to me
It seems like a bit of a shame to have finished all the big stuff but I am sure once Project Jutland is complete I can find some space for a couple of 15" Badens.

SMS Posed firing her broadside.
And just in case you thought I had nothing left, here is batch 5 awaiting base sculpture, only 52 Destroyers and Torpedo Boats.

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