Sunday 17 January 2016

1/2400 WW1 Naval - WTJ and GHQ Destroyers

Light Forces Expanded

Enlarged M Class WTJ
The build up of my WW1 collection turned out to be my Project 2015 rather than my planned 28mm Punic War purge and todays straight forward show off post presents the clear up of my last unpainted models of the batch.

L Class WTJ
The ships are a mixture of WTJ and GHQ, I have labelled each of the pictures with the relevant manufacturer for your information. On this size of ship the difference between the two is negligible although the detail of the GHQ stuff is better, you need to have some fairly high magnification photos (like these) to tell.

Four funnel M Class WTJ, extra geek points for spotting the mistake.
One of the main questions I get about these ships is "how do you do your bases ?" so in true Blue Peter style, here's one I prepared earlier. The link will take you to a tutorial I did on the basing and painting of these beauties.

I Class GHQ
I have painted up the British stuff in a standard grey with wood decking and white lifeboats, with the ones I have done before that's 24 British Destroyers now, enough ? we'll see.

One batch of British Destroyers complete
I bought a similar number of German Destroyers / Torpedo Boats at the same time. I decided to paint these up in the early war black scheme to give the German stuff a different look on the table.

S53 Class GHQ
I'm quite happy with the look of these "black" German ships they really do look different to the British stuff at a distance which is especially good for those who join in our Naval games who aren't Naval experts.

B109 and sisters GHQ
So the plan now is to get some more play testing done to get my rules finalised and then see where we go from there. I have completed my Battlecruiser collection now but will definitely add a few more Armoured Cruisers and probably add a few Battleships over the year. However with only a few months to the Jultland Anniversary unless I get a sudden influx of cash that milestone will pass without a complete pair of fleets.

V125 Class WTJ
T161 Torpedo Boats WTJ
G85 Class WTJ
So that's all for now folks. I will be ordering and painting some 1/3000 WW2 Russian and German ships for this years Naval Campaign. Todays Napoleonic game has been postponed due to bad weather so I might try and get some more painting done.

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