Friday 8 May 2015

28mm WW1 Sikh Battalion

A Woodbine Design WW1 New Unit

A short show off post today on my new WW1 unit, a battalion of Sikh Infantry which finishes off a 4 battalion Brigade for Palestine 1917, but is also used for Iraq and will appear in the ongoing Gallipoli game at some stage soon.

The unit has a 2 fig HQ section and 4 x 8 figure companies, I have also done a MG base to support the battalion. Figures are from the Gripping Beast side company Woodbine Design Company, they are by far the best range in my humble opinion for the period and they have made many a hole in my wallet over the years. The recent game got the juices flowing again for this period and I bought these and painted them in a week (I already had 10 done from a few years ago). I made another order this week of a big load of Turks, oops sidetracked again !

I haven't done a box to table post on these as they will be a one off unit and lets face it they are even more obscure than my last B2T post on 15mm SYW Hanoverian Infantry. These really are "knocked out" and are much more technique than talent.

For those interested, method is black under coat, painted clothing all over Khaki, dry brushed Buff then Buff/White. Dark Brown paint for the flesh and ammo belts, highlighted Burnt Umber. Then I used Beige Brown for the Rifles and flesh highlights. A quick highlight on the rifle and a further highlight on the flesh with Beige Red. Metal parts painted Gunmetal Grey and finished off with a wash of Devlan Mud GW Wash (its nearly gone !). Usual basing, no grass tufts as this collection was started years ago before they were invented. All the colour codes etc will be on previous B2T posts, I tend to use most colours regularly and always base the same way.

So there we have another unit done, I'm supposed to be on with Project 2015 my 28mm Ancients but you know how it is with the shiny.

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