Tuesday 28 April 2015

Empress Miniatures - 28mm Panzer I - New Unit

Spanish Civil War Re-enforcements

Back in 2014 I bought these lovely 28mm Panzer I tanks from Empress Miniatures at the Triples show in Sheffield. Like a lot of models I seem to get them built and base painted in fairly quick time but then spend ages getting the things ready for the table. You can find the miniatures to buy HERE.

I got two of the models with the intention of having one with the standard turret and a second one with the 20mm Breda SCW conversion, I was lucky to get a spare standard turret when I spent a fortune at Empress so I have a few options. The models themselves are made from metal and have excellent detail and very little in the way of flash. They have separate tracks, turret, turret hatch and commander, easy to put together, all round good buy.

Three pics above of the standard tank painted in acrylics.

And three pictures of the Breda turret version, the last photo looks a bit like a Dalek.

Further re enforcements for the Nationalists came in the shape of this CR32 which is a 1/48 scale plastic model from a Czech company called SMER, a tinterwebnet purchase. A fairly basic model but then kit building has never been my strong point. This is also my first attempt at using my airbrush, I got the line between the camo and the under body colour a bit high but other than that I'm quite happy with the outcome. At least now we wont have to use the single Republican plane I have for all air attacks.

So what I hear you ask have I provided to the Republicans to fight off the scourge of Nationalism. Well not a lot really, 8 figs to complete my 4th International Brigade Unit, including a bloke with a flag, not a lot of use in an anti armour or anti air role for that matter. All the figures are Empress and specifically for the SCW.

We have our Gallipoli Game on the table at the moment which I will post as a Scenario Post soon. On the paint table we have some late comers for the Gallipoli game (some 28mm Woodbine stuff) with the inevitable distractions of 15mm SYW and WW1 GHQ Naval.

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