Monday, 11 April 2022

Yarkshire Gamer Podcast Episode 23 - The Second Reet Grand Catch Up


As the Episode number ends in a 3 its time to dip back into my list of previous guests and give them a ring and see what they have been up to. This is also the first ever "Award Winning Episode" following Yarkshire Gamers win in the Best Podcast Category so if you are new, welcome onboard. 


First on my list is Rules Author and Big Gamer, Simon Hall from Episode 8. Since we spoke Simon has been a busy boy releasing two more sets of rules, Divisions of Steel for WW2 and Renato et Gloriam for the Renaissance 

Divisions of Steel (

Renatio et Gloriam – Renaissance Tabletop Gaming (

But that's not all he's been up to, in some very exciting news Simon is working on a boardgame version of the all time classic computer game Rome Total War, the production looks amazing and I'm sure it will do very well,


Next up I speak with the owner of the Wargames Holiday Centre, Mr Mark Freeth last time we spoke we were in the middle of lockdown and the Centre was just about to move venue so things were very much on hold.

We find out what new games are on the menu for this year and chat about the upcoming Donald Featherstone Weekend, an Italian Wars extravaganza which will be attended by yours truly.

Below is a link to the weekends at the centre, hurry up though places are very limited,

Home - War Games Holiday Centre (

My final guest goes back to Episode 3 and everyone's favourite Arnhem and Scottish Medieval History expert Dr Chris Brown when we spoke last time Chris was planning his annual wargames event in Arnhem (on the anniversary of the landings) set in a hotel was was fought through in the battle.

Unfortunately the Phobon Plague prevented the event going ahead but things are going full steam ahead for this year and we chat about his plans for the event.

S.P.I.T. Wargames: The Return to Arnhem! - Warlord Community (

(6) S.P.I.T. Wargames | Facebook

Chris has also recently discovered one of my favourite wargaming places in the UK Common Ground Games in Stirling. CGG has a huge gaming area, a well stocked shop and a great cafe and is a must visit every time Yarkshire Gamer is North of Northallerton. 

He is organising a Normandy themed gamed day this summer, with plans for other days including a Vietnam themed event.

If you are ever in the area pop in and pay a visit

Tabletop gaming venue Scotland, Stirling 40k, fantasy games tables UK (

I'm still waiting for confirmation of my next guest but there will be a new episode at the end of the month, I know, 2 episodes in a month I am spoiling you !

As always I end with a link to the Utubes version of the previous episode

Until next time,


Regards Ken

The Yarkshire |Gamer

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