Thursday 3 December 2020

15mm Kursk Russian Reinforcements


After the mega build over my summer holidays I had some more Russian tanks to add to the collection including some heavier stuff. I had some SU76s unpainted from summer (I forgot to take them on holiday with me) along with some Zvenda kits I had picked up off the tinterwebnet.

4 SU76s give and some nice Anti Tank and Support options for my Russians, like the way these look, especially the crew figures.

The KV1s are from Zvenda, although these models don't have as much detail as the PSC ones they do fill a number of gaps in the PSC range, the tracks on these need a bit of dirt but I do like how these have come out.

If there are KV1s then their will be KV2s, although most of these vehicles were out of action / becoming obsolete at the time of Kursk there were a few still kicking around, they could certainly still do a job.

In addition I have got some ISU 152s, (yes I like one is the wrong model) only 24 saw action AT Kursk but these are big dangerous beasts.

Finally some rather nice Zis trucks again from Zvenda. That's the last of the current planned stuff for Kursk for the moment, I'll do some playtests etc before I invest in some more.


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  2. Great looking tanks and trucks, well done!

  3. Excellent paintjobs and photo staging!