Monday, 28 September 2020

15mm WW2 Russian Buildings - From Box to Table


I have been working on some forces for WW2 Kursk and usually terrain comes last in my priorities but this time I thought I would try and get ahead of the game and get some done. After a search of the tinterwebnet I found some suitable candidates at Empires at War, a company I was familiar with after building lots of their 28mm Italian Renaissance buildings. 5 buildings for 35 quid, I'm in.

I will hold my hand up and admit I find terrain a real chew, don't get me wrong I love a good looking table and enjoy having great looking buildings etc, I just have zero enthusiasm for actually building or painting any !

So if I can find some easy build MDF buildings that are pre coloured that you literally put together and plonk on the table I'm pressing the "Add to Basket Button" right away. I've done a Unboxing (or sunbathing in this case 😁) video and built one of the buildings live on camera, so if you want to see my wonderfully agricultural modelling skills have a watch of my Utubes video.

For those who prefer the written word below are some pictures of the 5 buildings.

The buildings are nice and easy to put together even for a clumsy modeller like myself, they come with some nice straight forward instructions and all I used to put them together was a modelling knife and some Bostick Glue.

The buildings can be bought direct from Empires at War on the link below,

My only query on these is the scale, they do seem rather big for 15mm, I'm sure it will be to do with the strength of the parts, it's not something which is going to stop me buying them but something to be aware of.

So there you are, some great buildings to grace to your Kursk games or even your Borodino games. Later in the week I will have a look at the forces I have built up for the initial Kursk games.


  1. I must admit that I like making and painting terrain etc, probably more so than miniatures, as I find it easier and quicker. The buildings look good but do look rather large for 15mm.

    1. Cheers Steve, some people are really into their terrain, I just wish I could get enthusiasm for it.