Sunday 8 December 2019

Italian Wars - The Movie

The last post on the blog covered our first on table adventures in the Italian Wars and in that piece I did some written explanations of the rules we were trying out, Furioso. A link to that post below,

In addition to that I did some video run throughs of a small set up game just to make things easier to grasp.

The first video gives a basic introduction of the rules along with an description of the Initiative phase which is the prime driver for the rest of rules.

The second video covers the first move, before units get into real action and shows how the moves sequence works and covers some basic shooting and Artillery.

I noticed the odd dice missed off the odd throw in that run through, it's a new set of rules and I'm talking without a script, that's my excuse 😎

The third video is quite long (half an hour) but goes into a bit more detail as in the second move units get into contact, there are run throughs of three seperate melees which hopefully illustrate the process involved.

The final video in the series covers a few parts of the rules that I didn't cover in the videos, some stuff we didn't use in our tests and some thoughts on some house rules we used.

All in all a positive experience and hopefully the videos and previous post will give you an idea if the rules are for you. Thanks for watching.


  1. Good tutorial on those rules, I bought them and played a game with them using my Great Italian wars collection. We found it took way too long - if I wanted to take them to a convention one would not finish a game in the time slots, at least for the size of my armies. But that said, it's not a bad set of rules in many ways. I like your home rules decisions also.

    1. Interesting, the rules themselves are pretty straight forward, no old school tables to cross reference etc. I think it's the Initiative phase which slows things down, I talk about how we speeded things up on the videos. We had a table full 12 x 6 and once we got the hang of it things moved on a pace. One possible method to speed things up would be to group the units and roll initiative for groups rather than individually.

  2. Lovely collection.
    I have heard about these rules and keen to hear more so I'll watch the run throughs tonight. This period is so colourful it demands gaming yet I have always struggled to find a rule set with the correct "feel", fingers crossed... more please!
    Best wishes,

  3. Cool vids thanks for sharing these.

  4. Very good tutorial which explained some areas I was not clear about. Thanks a lot

    1. Many thanks, we have played the rules a lot since this first video and have made a few modifications, I will be doing a follow-up video in the next few weeks 👍