Friday 17 August 2018

28mm Renaissance Gendarme

The latest addition to my fledgling Italian Wars Project is this small unit of Gendarme for my Italian Wars project.

The figures are from the Perrys Miniatures plastic box set, Mounted Men at Arms set which is dated up to the end of 1500 or right at the start of the Italian Wars. I have tried to fit them together using the most appropriate parts for the period and theatre, but I am no expert, so they are done to look right for me, I am sure someone will tell me otherwise on a forum somewhere.

They are based on a 50mm x 60mm base (I like a bit of extra depth to protect the model) for my as yet undecided rule set. I am having a bit of gander at Furisio but a Gush update is still favourite. My limited reading on the period suggests that the Gendarme operated in small squadron sized units so I have gone for a 6 Figure set up.

In addition to the regular parts in the box set I have added a couple of plumes to helmets / horses which have simply been cut off unused parts in the box. The musicians arm and horn come from the Gripping Beast Arab Infantry plastic box set and the flags come from Pete's Flags (eBay).

I can't say I enjoyed painting these, being used to more uniformed troops I found the individual armour colours and designs a bit of a pain to be honest but I think once I have a big chunk of these together I will grow to love them.

I will probably do some mounted Crossbow for the Army next so watch out for those.


  1. Nice figures well painted. i have recently enjoyed For King and Parliament rules by BigRedBat. He is working on a Renaissance set and I will definitely have them when they are done. Have you had a look at Helions Italian Wars books ? KTF Bruce

    1. Cheers, I spoke to Simon about those on the Podcast, hopefully he will get round to getting them done, he has some lovely figures for it. I have the first two Helion Books, both great although the first one suffers from a bit of dodgy translation in places.