Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Crossbows for the Italian Wars

A few weeks ago I posted some pictures of my first Unit for the latest project here at YG, here is the second.

Using the same figures as my previous post, I.e. the 28mm Perry Miniatures Plastic European Mercenary mixed with some of the same companies metal range to add to the variety, I have added a unit of crossbows to the pike block I began with.

I have gone for the same general colour scheme as the pikes, that of the Swiss Canton of Lucerne. Basing wise rather than the 8 figures per base for the pike I have gone for a much looser 4 figures per base for these.

Base size is 60mm x 50mm and one of my plans for the Italian Wars Project is to use the same base size for everything, 8 figs for pike, 6 for Halberd or Sword and 4 for Shot and Bow. I plan to use the same base for order and skirmish order placing a small 60 x 15 base of Pavise in front of the above to indicate crossbows acting in closer order. It's a Yarkshire thing to save brass, no need for two bases when one will do !

Here are the crossbow figures deployed with their parent pike unit.

I am quite pleased with the start of the project and plan to do a small unit of Gendarme next.

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