Sunday 29 January 2017

28mm AWI 17th Lt Dragoons

I have been short of mounted units for some time now for our groups AWI collection, by short I mean we haven't got any  ! I had decided on my entry into the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge this year that this unit would be my main goal as a "must" get done.

12 28mm AWI British 17th Lt Dragoons made by the wonderful Perry Miniatures, I bought the bare metal a long time ago and they have, like many other things, been hanging around in a "to paint" box for a long while. Some people in the AHPC have commented that they have had problems with excess flash on Perry Figs, I have too say it's something that I haven't encountered myself but I tend to buy Figs when they come out (and then leave them in a box for 10 years !) so I can't comment on the newer casts.

I have used my standard painting and basing techniques for these, oil paints for the horses, Vallejo Acrylics for the figures then polyfilla basetex and grass tufts for the bases.

For some reason I ended up with a mental block with these bad boys, I set off with them as my first unit for the challenge like a whippet down a pipe but after completing the horses and two riders I just ground to a halt. It's strange how sometimes you end up in a battle with a unit.

It was a case of percying with them, don't get me wrong their is nothing wrong with the figures and there are harder and more complex units to paint as well, for some reason it just didn't happen. Being in the Challenge helped, I had started them so they WERE getting finished !  I have no plans as yet for an AWI game this year but you can guarantee that there will be some Cavalry in there somewhere.

Next up on the paint table I have a little 6 figure unit of 28mm AWI Queens Hussars and some 15mm buildings.

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