Sunday 7 August 2016

Project Jutland - A Spot of Light Cruising

The Project keeps on truckin' and unlike the Bandit who had "a long way to go and a short time to get there" I am firmly on the downward slope. So here for the record are 27 more ships towards the 250 1/2400 ships required.

First up are the final 5 German Light Cruisers, all the models are GHQ.

Followed by 5 German Destroyers / Torpedo Boats who were left off the last batch because they wouldn't fit on the paint tray.

So here is an update on the Germans.

Dreadnoughts - Required 16, Complete

Pre Dreadnoughts - Required 6, Complete

Battlecruisers - Required 5, Complete

Light Cruisers - Required 11, Complete

Destroyers / TBD - Required 61, done 48. Rest on order from WTJ.

So of the 99 ships 86 are done or just over 87% with just Torpedo Boats left.

So the additional British ships are as follows, with the 6 Destroyer Leaders adding to the fleet, the 3 "Marksman" Class shown above. These are the one and only addition from C in C miniatures  (thanks to Yarkshires own Wargames Emporium in Sheffield) very impressed, good sharp details and casting, shame they aren't more readily available in the UK.

Decks on all Destroyers have been painted in "wood" effect which will no doubt cause discussion. Anyway here's a picture of a model from the Imperial War Museum  (who know nothing obviously) of a WW1 Destroyer (Shark).

Are they "wooden" decks, outrageous ! 😎

Next up are three of the Early Caroline "C" Class Light Cruisers

Followed by 4 more "C" Class, HMS Champion from the 2 ship Calliope sub Class and 3 Cambrian Class.

Along with a couple of Arethusa Class and a lonely Yarmouth type Town Light Cruiser.

The last ship of the batch is this beauty HMS Engadine a home brew ship would you believe, printed by Witchcraft  ! There is a full write up on her construction and launch HERE.

For the British the progress is,

Dreadnoughts - 28 Required, Complete

Battlecruisers - 9 Required, Complete

Armoured Cruisers - 8 Required, 8 in the house ready for painting.

Light Cruisers - 26 Required, 18 complete, 8 on order.

Destroyers / TBD - 79 Required, 58 done, 21 on order.

Seaplane Carrier - 1 Required, Complete 

So of 151 ships, 114 are done or 75 %.

I have the Armoured Cruisers ready to build which I will tackle are a couple of weeks off, I am then reliant on WTJ producing and shipping the last vessels. We are getting there.

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