Wednesday 23 April 2014

New Unit - 28mm AWI 5th Foot

New Unit -28mm AWI 5th Foot

Well that recent AWI game got the creative juices flowing in the late 18th Century again and as a result I have just birthed this lot.

These are the first unit of Perry-miniatures plastic Brits I have done, despite having the figs for ages. I had heard a few putting together horror stories but I did these easily whilst watching an episode of DCI Banks with a swear word per hour rate close to zero.

Black Halfords Matt Primer and acrylic paints, mostly Vallejo with a sprinkling of ink wash on faces and Muskets. Flags are by Gmbdesigns. Love the GMB stuff but I have had a bit of a mare with them of late. Other units with GMB flags were left set up on a table over a few days under a bright artificial light, all the whites dyed pink and all the other colours faded badly. I had to paint over what was left as a template, they came out well, just see the last AWI game write up, but you dont want to have to repaint your flags after every game !

Found some others on t'net who had a similar problem which is solved by a good coat of varnish. That was great until the varnish clouded, arse as Father Jack would say, using Humbrol Enamel Matt Cote if anyone knows what the problems is.

A picture of the rear of a British unit just in case the Americans havent seen one before ;-)

Got to say I am quite happy with these, not sure about their robustness, I have changed by basing size for these, frontage is the same but I have increased the depth to 60mm to protect the muskets a bit. See how they go when they see action. Got an Artillery unit done as well today which is waiting basing, lets see how long the enthusiasm lasts.


  1. I went to 50mm depth of bases to protect plastic bayonets. 60mm means you are even more paranoid than I am about them :) Really nice work - I love the hats.

  2. Awesome!! I haven't bought any of these yet but I do plan to at some stage.

  3. Cheers guys, Wool the 60mm base was probably more a case of what was around, I use that size base for 28mm Machine Gun teams and with the WW2 desert stuff on the go I have loads, just hope its enough, not that I'm paranoid or anything !