Sunday 16 March 2014

AWI 1778 Game Write up part 1

AWI 1778 Game write up Part 1 

Session one of the game went well on Sunday, we got through quite a few turns and most of the troops are on the table, or in a traffic jam waiting to get on. The Americans randomly drew two brigades to start the game, the blocking force was Durkees Brigade with 3 x 16 figure 2nd class line units and 9 skirmishers, marching on the table were Greene's Maryland Brigade of 3 Continental Battalions.

Durkees Brigade wait for the Hessians at the "blue farm", Greene's boys can be seen on the march in the background.

Durkees lads start to take casualties, the first double 6 of the day from the Hesse Artillery, began a theme that was to last the session.

The markers you can see represent dp's or disruption points, the black markers are casualties, also visible is the brigade order marker. For those of you unfamiliar with the British Grenadier rules, units take dp's initially instead of casualties, these come from enemy fire but also from poor die rolls whilst manoeuvring. Once a unit has 3 dp's any further hits from enemy fire cause actual casualties. Units can "rally off" their dp's at the end of each turn, how well they do this depends on their class and their actions in that turn.The dp idea is fairly unusual (those who remember WRG flinch points are showing their age) and gets a bit of getting used to but once you grasp the concept it gives a real period feel to the games.

Hurrah here come the reinforcements !!! (Bugger its the Militia, maybe the British wont notice )

1st to get some more troops were the Americans sadly for them they drew out the larger of the two militia brigades that of Gist. The Americans didn't have too much luck with their random drawing of brigades getting no artillery unit the last phases of the first sessions play. The Brits however had their own problems, great big Hesse battalions marching on in column along a single road sure takes some time, even at the end of the days play the first British units were only just reaching the table.

Greene sets up by the northern farm shouting "Come and have go if you think you're hard enough"

More re enforcements pour in on both sides.

The majority of the fighting took place around the "blue farm" the tide ebbing back and too, the Hesse troops had the edge with their artillery, jagers and tendency to throw double 6, Durkee found himself with a minor wound from an encounter with a Hesse bullet but undeterred he carried on. The "blue farm" changed hands a couple of times, a Hesse Jager Company proved quite stubborn surviving two charges and some poor die rolls before strategically withdrawing / getting booted out of the farm (delete as you see fit ).

Next round the total die score for both sides added together was 5 ! Lucky blue dice my a•••

The next major action was just outside the "blue farm" with the Americans back in the buildings Irvines brigade pushed forward and caught the Hesse Grenadiers in the flank, they put up a reasonable fight but got routed, leaving the American battalion exposed but victorious.

Irvines men teach the Grenadiers a lesson they wont forget.

The session ended the turn after, the Hesse general has one chance and one chance only to rally his troops, cruel to make him wait a week to do it, but we did.

The Brits are here, the author gets to push some lead at last.

View of the Battlefield at the end of day one, the Hesse Infantry are in a musketry duel around the Northern Farm, the gaping hole where the Grenadiers were is bottom left.

Looking towards the Blue Farm, the Milita have formed a defensive line whilst troops move up in the distance.

Hopefully we will get a session in this week if we can all get together, getting 5 or 6 middle aged wargamers in the same room at the same time is like herding cats.

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