Saturday, 21 June 2014

Empire of the Dead - The Police

Empire of the Dead - The Police

Woop Woop here come da Police !

I picked these figures up in true Yarkshire fashion, on't cheap on t'fleabay. Not from West Wind who do the "official" figures, these are old Foundry figures very nice too. However unlike GW I don't think West Wind will try and sue me for using none "official" figures. They aren't as detailed as the WW sculpts and are quite broad shouldered giving them a cartoon feel, however for Steampunk that ain't a bad thing.

I've used milliput to make the cobble street effect on the bases, thanks to Simon Quinton on the Carry on Painting group on facebook for the idea. There is quite a big mould line on the Sgt figure holding the lamp, I didn't notice it while painting, in the flesh its hardly noticeable.

Quite straight forward and quick to paint, after all its just one main colour. Main difficulty is getting the right shade, I used a 50 50 mix of Dark Prussian Blue and Black (vallejo) as a base and built it up by gradually adding Dark Blue Grey to the mix.

Spookily whilst putting this blog post together my main EotD order arrived at the front door, get ready for more weirdness over the coming months.