Monday, 19 June 2017

15mm Project Minden - British Cavalry Complete

All six Regiments Parade.
Back in February 2015 I did a Review of the Blue Moon 15mm SYW British figures I had just purchased and later on in August of that year I put up a Post on the first unit I finished. Well here we are over 2 years later with the British Cavalry completed.

The Scots Greys advance through a Hamlet
I really like the cavalry figures from Blue Moon, especially the horses and I am extremely happy how the six units look in review mode. It's always great when you finish a small part of a larger (Minden) project and see the results displayed on the table.

The large part of the Allies Army (Hanoverian, British, Hessian, Brunswick etc) is complete with the main hole being my lack of Hanoverian Cavalry. I was hoping for a Blue Moon release of these troops but there has been nothing forthcoming so I have gone for Old Glory 15s, the only real option I could find. The first Hannoverian Regt is done with three more in various stages of completion.

Anyway, less talk more pics, here are the 6 regiments in detail,

Royal Horse Guards
1st Dragoon Guards
6th Iniskilling Dragoons
2nd Dragoons (Scots Greys)
3rd Dragoon Guards
10th Dragoons
I will definitely be back to Blue Moon when I start work on building up my French forces. Currently on the gaming table is our Spanish Civil War Jarama refight but I am going to slot in a small SYW game next to get some of these figures in their first battle, look out for our refight of Kloster Kamp soon.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

WW2 Baltic Campaign - Game 3 - Tallin Convoys

Welcome back Naval gamers, one and all, to Part 3 of the Baltic Campaign. This is a continuation of a set of linked scenarios based on the conflict between the Soviet fleet and the Kreigsmarine in late 1941, a sideshow to the massive land battles of Barbarossa but fascinating none the less.

If you are new to the Campaign below are the links to the two previous games, I would suggest reading at least the first part as it contains the rules for submarines and mines.

Campaign-game-1 - Daily Patrol

Campaign Game-2- Shore Bombardment

Convoy ! Not a single Yorkie Bar in sight
Umpire Notes

If you are following the Campaign, I use the following system to determine the condition of any ship damaged in the previous game. Half any damage or speed loss and use that as the starting point for that ship for that game. Any turret / Torpedo Tube losses, I roll a d6 with a 50% chance that the equipment is now working again. The first two games have been relatively short with small forces involved. This scenario contains large numbers of ships and quite a bit of air power (which needs tracking) so there is no easy way to cover this quickly, to shorten the game you could reduce the number of Convoys and or distance travelled.

Team Germany Part 1
We probably played this over three full days, which I appreciate is a long time, however followers of YG will know that we are blessed with a permanent set up so we never actually rush stuff, added to that we have a Fish and Chip lunch to fit in. Our group also have a sickness record on a par with the British Army in the Crimea so this ended up being on the table for about 6 weeks !

Air Power plays a large part in this game
Game 3 Historical Background

I must give a big plug here for the Command at Sea PDF Baltic Arena which can be downloaded from the Wargames Vault for a fee, which even if you don't game is still a fantastic source of information on this neglected theatre of the war. This scenario is very much inspired by the one in the book.

It's August 1941 and the German Forces are sweeping forward on land, Operation Barbarossa is still in full swing. As the advance has progressed the Soviet Navy has proved itself to be very useful in evacuating troops from various ports, the Germans however have noticed this and a number of Air units have been moved to the area to counter their actions.

Convoy No 1 leaving Tallin
In early August the Germans had reached a position some 50 km east of Tallin and therefore had cut off the supply lines from Kronstadt and Leningrad. The Soviets still had a large fleet of warships and transports available in the area to supply or evacuate their troops by sea. To stop this the Finns and Germans had laid extensive mine fields in the area.

On  August 27th, the Germans breached the defensive positions of Tallin and entered the outskirts of the city. The next day, the Soviets began to evacuate as many people as they could from the area, with priority given of course to Communist Party assets and personnel. The Soviets assembled ships to depart Tallin in seven groups:  the main battle force, four convoys, a screening squadron, and a rear guard squadron. The evacuation of Tallin by the Soviets would not be an easy undertaking, the Germans had anticipated such a move and were waiting.

So the scene for our game is set, it's 11am on August the 28th 1941 and the first Convoy has just left the harbour en route to Leningrad and relatively safety, but it's a long long way to go.

The table is set
Game 3 Set Up Map

The table is 12 ft by 6 ft, all the squares are the same size and were marked out with thread stretched across the table.

We gave all our transports a top speed of 20 knots which is high I know but we wanted a reasonable amount of movement for them to keep the game moving.

In Campaign turns we counted each game move as 10 minutes of Campaign Time.

I didn't have enough Minesweepers so ended up using some Italian Patrol Boats as substitute, I'm sure someone will have spotted this already.

Russian Briefing 28th August 1941

The German Land Armies continue to press our front lines back and our major Port of Tallin is under siege. We have no other option but to evacuate the port and move all the ships and personnel East to Leningrad.

Your Naval forces have been organised into 4 Convoys, each containing a number of Transports and supporting vessels, it is 11am and the 1st Convoy has just cleared the port entrance and the remaining forces will leave over the next few hours.

There are also 3 Naval Combat Sqns which are due to leave the port this afternoon.

Your mission is to get as much tonnage as possible over the finish line (yellow markers in D2) however due to your recent losses you need to try and save as many combat ships as you can, Kirov especially, there are only 4 Destroyers and 2 Battleships not committed to this operation.

You have 2 submarines to deploy in columns B to D, inform the umpire before the game begins.

Our Intelligence believes there will be extensive mining in the area.

You will receive some air cover and we have airfields still in our control in D1.

Soviet Fleet

After the first Convoy leaves the Game Clock moves on at 10 minutes a turn, each Soviet Ship Group is given a depart time below, this is the expected departure and is varied as follows,

Beginning 20 minutes before departure time for each group of ships, and every turn after (until released), roll 1d6. Taking Convoy 2 as an example, which is due to depart from Tallin at 13.00. At 12.40 a 6 releases the ships early, at 12.50 a 5 or 6 releases, at 13.00 it's 3,4,5,6, anything but a 1 will see them away at 13.10 and then regardless they leave at 13.20.

On table turn 1 in sq D8 is Convoy 1

Destroyers - Surovy and Svirepy (Class 7U)
Minesweepers - x 3
Transports - x 8 with a total tonnage of 20,000

Convoy 2 is scheduled to leave Tallin at 1300 hours

Destroyer - Karl Marx (Novik Class)
Minesweepers - x2
Transports - x 7 with a tonnage of  10,000

Convoy 2
Convoy 3, expected departure 14.00,

Destroyers - Lenin and Yakov Sverdlov (Novik Class)
Minesweepers  - x 3
Transports  - x 9 with a tonnage of 20,000

Screening Force, expected departure 14.20

Destroyers - Minsk (Destroyer Leader), Skorkyi and Slavny (Project 7U Class)

Main Force expected departure 14.50

Heavy Cruiser - Kirov
Destroyers  - Ognevoi, Vlasny, Gordyi and Smetivvyi (Project 7 Class)

Convoys 2 and 3 in motion
Convoy 4, expected departure at 15.20

Destroyers  - None
Minesweepers  - x3
Transports - x 7 with a tonnage of 12,500

Rearguard, due to depart from Tallin at 15.30

Destroyers  - Silny and Serdityi (Project 7U Class), Grozyashchi and Gnevnyi (Project 7 Class)
Plus all surviving Destroyers from games 1 and 2 that have not already been allocated.

If you are playing along remember to remove any losses from the above orbats.

The rearguard accelerate away from Convoy 4
Russian Air Power (all from airfield in Sq D1)

2 flights of 6 MiG 1 Fighters
2 flights of 6 I-15 Fighters
2 flights of 6 I-16 Fighters
4 flights of 6 Ar-2 Bombers
2 flights of 6 DB-3B Torpedo Bombers

The Soviet Commander may request any of the flights as support in the air phase of a turn, the umpire will roll a d6 for each flight requested with the planes being released for operations on a 3 to 6. Once airborne the planes take one turn to enter the table, they then operate as normal. Once their mission is complete they will take 1 further turn to land back at base. They will then be unavailable for 6 turns as they refuel etc prior to the planes being added back into the ready pool.

German Briefing 28th August 1941

The advance of the Wehrmacht continues unabated, the front line has moved forward dramatically over the last few days and the vital Port of Tallin (D7) is currently under siege. The Soviets have large numbers of ships and resources in the Port and an evacuation is believed to be planned for today.

We have limited Naval Forces in the area although lead elements of the Baltenflotte may arrive this afternoon if you decide to commit them, most of the work today will need to be done by the Luftwaffe. We have three operational airfields in A1, A4 and A7.

Row 3 and Row 6 have been extensively mined, if you travel through these rows you must keep a straight line or be subject to potential mine attacks.

Our Intelligence suggests that we are unlikely to find any Soviet mines but there are submarines operating in the area.

Although losses have been light so far in the campaign, light forces are limited. Destroy as many of the transports as you can but avoid ship losses.

German Fleet

On table at the start of the game in square A6 are all the remaining Destroyers and Torpedo Boats from games 1 and 2, so we had

Destroyer - Z-20
Torpedo Boats  - T2, T4, T5, T7, T8

If you are playing along remember to remove any losses from the above orbat.


The Germans may request the Scheer Taskforce at any time however it is not available until 14.00, when requested (from 14.00 onwards) roll 2d6 needing a 12 to release the ships, minus 1 from the total required each turn. They arrive in sq A8. The Taskforce consists of,

Heavy Cruiser (Pocket Battleship) - Admiral Scheer 
Destroyers  - Z24, Z25, Z26, Z27

Taskforce Scheer
German Air Power

At an Airfield off table by square A1, 3 Flights of 6 Buffalo Fighters and 1 Flight of 6 Blenheim 1 operated by the Finnish Airforce.

At an Airfield off table by Square A4, 1 Flight of 6 MS406 Fighters and 1 Flight of 6 Fiat G50 Fighters both run by the Finnish Airforce. 6 Flights of 6 JU88-A4 Bombers.

At an Airfield off table by Square A7, 2 Flights of 6 Hawk 75 Fighters (Finnish) and 2 flights of 6 JU88-A4.

The Germans have 2 Flights of 6 Bf109-F2 Fighters and 3 Flights of 6 JU87D-1 in reserve and these can be used on a like for like basis when a flight is lost in combat.

All aircraft requests go through the umpire in the Air Phase of the turn, the umpire will roll a d6 for each flight requested with the planes being released for operations on a 3-6, all Finnish Flights are subject to a minus one on their roll.

Once released, planes arrive on table one turn later, operate as normal, then take one turn after leaving the table to land. They are then unavailable for 6 turns as they are refilled etc.

German Land Forces

The Germans have 2 batteries on the Cape Juminda headland. One has three guns the other 4. It very much depends on how your rules work. We basically treat them as a stationary Destroyer but much harder to hit.

Victory Conditions

This is all about the transports, once over the safe line (the red line in row 2 of the map) the Russians can add the tonnage of that transport to their saved tonnage total.

Total Convoy Tonnage = 62500
German Decisive Victory = less than 20,000 tonnes make safety
German Tactical Victory = less than 30,000 tonnes make safety
Russian Tactical Victory = more than 35,000 tonnes make safety
Russian Decisive Victory = more than 40,000 tonnes make safety.

How did we get on ?

With ships, lots of aircraft, extensive mine fields, shore batteries and gamers throwing dice there was always going to be something going on, so here is my timeline of the events.

11.00 We are off

11.30 The first air attacks go in, the Germans on the Convoy and the Russians on the land based batteries. Damaged is caused to the transports but they are all going forward, for now.

12.30 The first big event occurs when one of the Land Batteries causes a fire on the Soviet Destroyer Svirepy which rapidly spreads to the Ammunition causing a large explosion, sinking the Destroyer and also a Convoy ship which was alongside. Convoy 1 enters the first minefield in row 6.

12.40 Transport L5 is the first to find a mine whilst two of the Minesweepers now have fires on board.

12.50 10 minutes early Convoy 2 sets off. The Destroyer Surovy hits a mine but escapes with minor damage, the 2 Minesweepers sink, unable to control their fires.

13.00 Surovy runs out of luck hitting a second mine in two turns as Convoy ship L11 breathes a sign of relief as it hits a mine but it fails to go off.

13.20 All the escorts for Convoy 1 are now sunk leaving 5 transports vulnerable and exposed.

13.40 The German ships launch a torpedo attack on the front Convoy, it sinks two and damages a third. The Germans put a request in for the Scheer Taskforce.

14.00 The first good news for the Russians as their bombers silence the German Land Batteries.

14.20 Comedy moment when the Finnish MS 406 Fighters attacked the Russian Ar2 bombers and the Fins after some "interesting" dice rolls lost the "dogfight".

14.30 The MS406 Fighters try again against the Ar2s and lose again, it's back to base for the Fins with their tales between their legs. An Air Attack goes in on Convoy 4 sinking a transport, whilst two Merchants hit mines, both of which are duds ! Questions needed to be asked back at the Mine Factory in Germany, I think.

14.50 Convoy 4 is on the table but at the other end the last ship of Convoy 1 is sunk just 50 cms from Freedom.

15.20 A rare Russian Air attack on the German ships fails to hit the target.

15.40 Taskforce Scheer arrives and engages the Kirov.

15.50 Kirov gets the range on Scheer and gets a penetrating deck hit.

The Russian ships sticking to the swept lanes.
16.00 A mass German Air attack of 48 Ju88s causes extensive damage to Convoy 3. Leningrad and 3 other Russian destroyers attempt a high speed run through an unswept area of Mines, the luck holds initially but Leningrad hits a mine losing 15 kts and sets on fire. Scheer takes a turret out on Kirov but takes hits in return.

16.10 Gradually throughout the game the German destroyers have been taking steady damage which is now taking effect on their operational capabilities and with their torpedoes spent and Scheer taking damage the Germans make smoke and turn for home ending the game, knowing that their ships will be needed again soon in game 4.

The Russians managed to get 33,500 tonnes home safely, after all that, it's a draw.


A really interesting tactical match up, as a Russian player you have to get into the mind set of losing ships (and lots of them). Convoy 1 is in for a real kicking what ever happens but as more and more Soviet ships arrive on table the German ships become more and more vulnerable to a point where at the end the Russians where on the offensive.

So of the three games we have had two draws, will the heavy defeat for the Russians in game 2 cause problems in the final game of our Baltic Campaign ? Tune in soon too find out.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Dipping a Toe in the Malifaux Water

Meet the Gang
Over the last few years I have enjoyed branching out from my more traditional historical gaming, in fact I have found the distraction of painting something completely different every now and again helps keep me going when I am slogging through a batch of 30 or so Khaki clad WW1 models.

Team Guild
I have long enjoyed the look of the Malifaux models, if you haven't seen them it's well worth a look through the range as they are lovely sculpted, so when the rules got a reboot with M2E and the company who make the figures introduced a starter set I was already screaming "Take My Money !"

The Orderlies, lovely lads
Malifaux, for those that don't know is a skirmish level game set in a kind of fantasy steampunk world. The game itself has some very interesting mechanisms, using cards instead of dice for combat resolution etc.

The game has a number of factions from which to choose from, each with their own unique style and back story.

Dr Grimwell and Nurse Heartsbane
The starter set comes with 8 figures, 4 from The Guild (see above) and 4 from The Neverborn faction. Also included are 2 Fate Decks, 2 tape measures, a basic rule book with rule learning Scenarios and a link to a PDF of the main rulebook. Everything you need to get going in the world of Malifaux and see if it's for you.

Team Neverborn
The figures are plastic and require some minor construction, they do have some small pieces and extra care is certainly needed when removing parts from the sprue to avoid damage. The starter set comes with basic plastic bases, however I bought the sculpted ones off fleabay to save me the time of sculpting bases.

The Scion of Black Blood and Angel Eyes
Painted using Vallejo Acrylic paint and inks. It still feels really weird painting one figure at a time after years of Historicals, but they were fun to do. I will try and get some test games in with the lad soon (still waiting to get 7tv off the ground).

It's been quite quiet on YG recently due to work but also our Naval Campaign has "blocked" the table for ages so I also have a backlog of painted stuff to paint and post so stand by for Incoming.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Battle of Ctesiphon Nov 1915 : Scenario and AAR

This post shows how far behind I have got on the blogging front as this was our Xmas game ! Admittedly it rumbled on for a few sessions but the festive season is our little groups opportunity to continue with our "Carry on up the Tigris" adventures.

Early in the game, Sikh Troops in a motor launch
Historical Background 

Last year we re fought Es Sinn and this year it was the turn of Ctesiphon. General Townsend has been leading his British and Indian troops gradually towards Baghdad and had been involved in a series of victories over the previous year leading upto this point where at the historic Arch of Ctesiphon the Turkish Troops turned to face the advancing Empire Forces.

Gurkhas come under sporadic Artillery Fire whilst waiting to advance
Townsend was in command of around 11,000 mostly Indian troops supported by HMS Firefly and another gunboat. The defenders had a numerical advantage with their 18,000 soldiers, they also had the bonus of around 52 Artillery pieces and a good strong, prepared defensive position.

Brownlows Punjabi Regiment start their advance.
As in the previous battle at Es Sinn, the Empire Forces were split into three columns with a fourth more mobile Cavalry based column sent to probe the left flank of the Turkish Line (this 4th column is not represented in our game). A dawn attack was planned to start the battle on the morning of the 22nd November 1915.

We used the Toofatlardies rules, If The Lord Spares Us, so all Morale and Officer classes refer to that set. The rules are designed for 15mm with 2 figures per base however we have been playing them for years with 28mm figures counting 2 figures as a base (subtle eh).

Empire Forces Set Up

Sikh Troops on launches pass the Ox Bucks waiting to jump off.
To represent the Empire Forces I divided my collection into three columns as on the day, the game highlighted my lack of Indian Figures, it did prompt the painting of Brownlows Punjabi Regiment but I still needed to co opt my Australian Gallipoli collection  (and 2 rogue Desert Rats, see if you can spot them ?) to make up the numbers.

The gunboat arrives.
Column A - Commander classed as Harrow.

1 British Battalion - 2 Command Figs, 4 Coys each of 8 Figs plus a supporting MG base, classed as Jolly Good Fellows.
1 Sikh Battalion - as British Battalion but classed as Havildar Heroes.
1 Indian Battalion classed as Havildar Heroes but with 4 Coys of 6 Figs each.

Supported by 1 gunboat armed with a 4 inch gun and a 12pdr (I counted it as an Artillery unit of 2 guns) and 2 unarmed launches.

The British and Indian troops start the game in the light cover along the banks of the Tigris. The Sikhs start with the HQ, MG and two Coys on the gun boat and 1 Coy in each of the launches.

Part of Column B in pre advance position.
Column B commanded by a Harrow Class Officer.

1 British Battalion of 2 HQ, MG and 4 x 8 Fig Coys classed as Jolly Good Fellows
2 Indian Battalions of 2HQ, MG and 4 Coys, 1 unit has 8 Fig Coys the other 6. Both Havildar Heroes.

The set up in the "open" ground between the Tigris and the Wadi.

The Signals go out for column C to advance.
Column C commanded by a Harrow Class Officer.

1 Gurkha Battalion of 2 HQ, MG and 4 x 8 Fig Coys classed as Kukri Killers.
1 Indian Battalion classed as Havildar Heroes organisation as the Gurkhas.
1 Mass of Arab Irregulars with 2 HQ and 2 x 8 Fig Coys classed as Damned Sods, they may use Camels to move.
1 Artillery Unit, on table.

Column C sets up along the Wadi.

The mound
Turkish Forces Set Up

The Turkish position is a strong one consisting of 2 lines of trenches.

In the front line positions there are the following,

2 Battalions of Turkish Infantry each with 2 Fig HQ and MG and 4 Coys of 8 Figs each rated as Johnny Turk.

In the second line of trenches contain 3 Battalions of Arab Turkish Infantry each with 2 Fig HQ,  an MG and 4 Coys of 6 Figs each rated as Pasha Bashers. The second line also contains the 4 fig Regt HQ (rated Young Turk) for both Regts present.

Looking down the Turkish position.
There are 4 Turkish Artillery Batteries 2 on table with a free set up and 2 off table.

In reserve are 2 further battalions, 1 of Regular Turkish Infantry which is organised as and part of the front line unit and finally a Veteran Turkish Battalion with a 2 Fig Hq and 4 x Coys of 8 Figs  (but no MG) rated as Mehmetciks. The battalions can be requested when Empire Troops come into close range of the trenches lines, place the requested units card in the game deck from that point and on its first activation roll 1d6 and that is the number of activations required before it arrives on the Turkish table edge where required.

Table and Game Set Up 

In haven't done one of my usual maps this post as I have been having a spot of difficulty with the mapping program I was using, however I do believe that the photos would give you a good guide to table set up. If you are looking to stage the game yourselves and have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

Looking over Column C as they jump off.
Our table is 12 ft x 6 ft.

The Turkish position is as shown with two lines of trenches the rear trench should fill most of the table length, the front line just over half with a redoubt at the "open" end.

In between the lines near the Tigris I placed a couple of buildings and further along a couple of gun emplacements with a general spread of scrub areas (Light cover).

Arab Turkish Infantry waiting for the attack
The Terrain on the Empire side of the table is split more or less into three areas corresponding to the three Columns.

The Tigris initially runs along the Empire edge of the table for about 4 ft before it turns 90 degrees so that it runs down the table edge through the Turkish lines. The banks of the river along the Empire edge are covered in vegetation and this is where the 2 Battalions of Column A who are not in the boats start the game. There are random areas of light scrub between the vegetation and the Turkish front line.

Column A under way and under fire
The centre where Column B begins is open and this represents an area of unscouted ground. Each time a Coy moves in this area roll a d6. On a 4 to 6 the unit finds some cover at the end of its advance. Roll another d6 and on a 1 to 4 it's Light cover or scrub on a 5 or 6 it's a Wadi offering hard cover. The cover is only rolled for if the unit moves, it stays whilst the Coy remains in situ but disappears if it moves, giving the Commander of column B some interesting choices.

Column B on the move showing the temporary cover markers.
The Terrain in front of Column C is more varied, there is a low hill on the Empire side of the table with a deep Wadi running in front of it, the rest of the area in front of the 2nd Turkish Line is covered in random scrub, mounds and vegetation.

So there you have my set up notes, it's a straight forward enough battle with the Empire Troops trying to break through the Turkish lines whilst the Turkish are trying to hold and and prevent Townsend reaching Baghdad.

After Action Report

So how did we get on with the battle. For those of you who don't know I am lucky enough to have a permanent set up here at YG so we are never under pressure to finish games quickly, I can't recall how long we spent on the game probably a couple of Sundays and a couple of evenings.

We had 5 players most of the time, with one player in charge of each of the Empire Columns and 2 for the Turks.

All the Empire Forces Set off on turn 1, column C had the furthest to go whilst Column A started softening up the Turkish position whilst waiting for the Gunboat to come into action. The main action therefore was with Column B in the centre as their troops set off at top speed  (no point hanging about with MGs around) towards the Turkish position to their front which included the mound at the end of the front line which had been reinforced by MGs.

The British Battalion in the column was quickly in range and deadly poured down on the advancing troops.

Don't go anywhere without your stash of "Yarkshire Tea"
Casualty Rates are high.
An almighty battle took place for the "Mound" with both sides committing everything they had to taking control of the feature. The pressure of Empire Artillery and Suppressive MG fire initially won the day as the British unit captured the mound. However the supporting Battalions of Indian troops were stalling in their advance and the victorious Coy was looking at bit exposed.

Round 1 to the Empire as the Mound falls.
Elsewhere on the Battlefield Column A was starting to make in roads into the Turkish position causing lots of suppression which the Turkish with their extended front line were struggling to keep under control.

The Gunboat was also proving to be effective causing casualties amongst the Turks. Initially the Turkish Artillery had targeted the Gunboat and had started to cause some damage, however the fire was switched to the advancing land troops and the Nautical element of the attack was able to continue.

Gunboat Diplomacy at its very best.
Meanwhile Column C was struggling to make any real headway. An initial surge of Camel mounted Arabs was quickly stopped and the troops quickly dismounted in the nearest cover spending most of the rest of the game removing suppression. Brownlows Punjabi Regiment pushed forward the furthest but started to get bogged down by enemy fire.

Brownlows under fire
Back in the centre of the table the Turks threw everything at the Brits in the mound and it wasn't long before the Turks were able to recapture the feature. But another Coy had got a foot hold in the trenches by this point as the advantage in the centre swung back and forth. To add to the tension one of the Turkish Reinforcement units was rushing to that sector of the line.

A badly shot up Indian Coy reaches the Turkish front line 
Whilst the Mound is back in Turkish hands
Things had hotted up in the Column A area and with a combination of Artillery, Gunboat and supporting MGs the Ox Bucks Battalion captured the large section of Turkish Front line.

Column A is in the trenches

But as Column A got into the trenches the Veteran Turkish Battalion arrived in the buildings in front of it, queue an epic firefight. But with the high quality Ox Bucks unit in the cover of the trenches with covering fire from the Gunboat the British supported by the now disembarked Sikhs cleared the village and comfortably held the trench line.

The end of the game for Column A as the Turkish front line collapses
Column B was spent, it held the trenches in front of it but didn't have the strength to push on.

Turkish MG keeping the heads of Column B down
However at the end of the game Column C suddenly came to life. The Punjabi Regiment had had enough of the heavy fire and we're streaming back to the start line however the Gurkhas had sneaked up almost unseen and launched a vicious attack on the end of the 2nd Turkish Line.

It must have been an inspiring site as even the Arabs who had been hiding in a Wadi all day got up and joined the Gurkhas in the attack. The poor quality Arab Turkish Infantry didn't really stand a chance, the Turkish support weapons were keeping Column B at bay and the Gurkhas were in.

And that was where we called it a day. Column A had captured the front line in front of its positions and with it Gunboat support it was comfortable but with its Indian Battalion shot to pieces and the Sikh Battalion needed to secure Column Bs position the second line was a "Trench too Far".

Column B had been destroyed, the British Battalion had a single company left as did one of its Indian Battalions. It had gained it's objectives but at a very heavy price.

Column C had lost its Punjabi unit and had gained glory at the end of the game but a single Battalion, even of Gurkhas wasn't going to roll up the whole of the 2nd Turkish Line.

A cracking game all round and enjoyed by all. We had reached, at the end of our refight, the exact position that Townsend found himself in. Partially successful in the battle but without the strength to push on, history tells us he retreated to Kut-al-Amarah where he was surrounded and besieged.

The game highlighted my lack of Indian Figures and I purchased another 2 Battalions at York this year,  I also have a unit of Highlanders for the theatre to paint, having done a test company early this year & some Aussies I picked up off flea bay. Add to this I have some Cavalry for both sides ready to go. I have decided to put these figures to one side for now whilst I concentrate on other projects and I plan to do the lot this winter as a theme for my Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge 2017.

It's all Naval at YG at the moment with our ongoing Baltic WW2 Campaign however I hope to get back on land soon with our delayed Jarama refight, I am also starting to look longingly at my WW2 Desert collection !

We will return to Mesopotamia and the efforts to relieve Kut at Xmas.