Tuesday, 17 June 2014

28mm AWI New Unit 22nd Cheshire Regt

28mm AWI - New Unit - 22nd Foot (Cheshire)

After a couple of posts of weirdness it was back to some more normal fare, on my days off this week I managed to rattle off the last 12 of these and get the unit based and varnished ready for the table.

Being born in Cheshire I always have a "home" regiment in my British Armies, of course they will always be at least Elite as well ! These are the plastic Perry figs with GMB flags, first AWI unit I have done with Buff facings, so they also have Buff kit as well, happy with the results again, I really like the photo directly above looking across the rear of the unit.

2 battalions down from this Brigade, with other stuff on the go I hope to have the lot done by year end, new projects permitting of course.