Thursday, 12 June 2014

Empire of the Dead - Professor Erazmus

Empire of the Dead - Professor Erazmus

This is very much not my usual fare. Things have been quiet on the gaming front at the mo here in Castle R, working shifts myself limits the time I am about when "normal" people are around. Various people dropping out has meant no gaming for a while, added to that the painting is a bit slow, I am in the middle of a 24 man AWI unit which always takes me ages and I have 14 28mm Desert vehicles on the go at the same time. I'm getting all of them to a gaming standard ie plain desert yellow, before putting camo and decals on. Not much to blog about as a result.

So as a treat I painted this gadger up in one go just to get something finished. My lad, 14 has expressed an interest in EotD and the figures and concept is great. This is a free figure I got with the rules book, it was quite fun to paint as a one off, usually I'm painting a unit of figs in batches of 6 to 10 so just concentrating on one fig at a time was something new.

I've ordered some more (from Wayland Games, cheap but very slow), I'll keep you updated on the new project after promising not to start any new projects this year, oh shiny why hast thou taken my money again !

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