Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A Matilda called "Tubby Toad"

A quick show off post today with this, the latest addition to my WW2 1941 British Desert Force, a Blitzkrieg Models 28mm Matilda Infantry Tank with a Warlord Games Commander.

I haven't done any WW2 stuff for a while but those of you who follow the blog will know that I have taken part in this year's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. Every two weeks or so there is a bonus "theme" round and this time the theme was "Armour".

I had a quick think and it was either a tank or some Crusader Knights, this won hands down as the Knights are a real pain in the backside.

There are 50 or so entries in the Armour Bonus Round, why not pop by and vote for your favourite  (open until 24th Jan) there are some great entries. This LINK will take you straight to my entry and then you can explore the others from the links on the right of that. The voting panel is there too, a word of warning, it will only let you vote once and it doesn't save your choices as you move round the pages, so have a wander then vote in bulk.

So let's get down to the name, of course it's made up but there is a story behind the name. A couple of three years ago I painted my first Matilda and that was christened "Fat Badger" in honour of a local restaurant and the fact that it looks, well, like a Fat Badger. During our Ctesiphon refight our little group where talking about the new tank when The Wind in the Willows came up with and the four main characters in the story, so I decided on "Tubby Toad" stand by for Rotund Rat, I am open to suggestions for Mole.

It would be remiss of me not to show a picture of "Badger" and "Toad" together so here they are. Badger has a greener Light tone on the Caunter Scheme whilst the Tubby Toad has come out darker in the photos but with the scheme paints were sourced locally and the sun caused all sorts of fade effects, so a bit of variation is fine with me.

I did a tutorial a while back on my tank painting which is HERE if you are interested.

It's been quite good fun painting these as a one off, the next theme is "East", let's get searching for something to paint.

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