Friday, 20 January 2017

Saxon SYW Infantry Completed

Late last year in an attempt to keep the painting mojo going I decided to try painting a small unit every 10 days (for me that's a working "week"). I would start the unit on my first day at work and then work on it, and that alone until it was completed.

Once finished I was "free" to paint  (or not) anything else I fancied from the Lead Mountain until the end of my last day off, when that would be put to one side and I would start the next small unit and so on.

As a method it has worked wonders for 140 days, because here we have the 14 Infantry Battalions of the Saxon Infantry Contingent at Minden, 16 Figures a piece, all based, varnished and flagged (if you can use flag as a verb ?).

The vast majority of the figures are the specially designed one I talked about in the inital post on this mini project, with Minifigs command, there are also two units of Grenadiers which are solely Minifigs and a units of Old Glory Fusiliers. The flags are by Maverick Models.

I can see some big SYW games happening this year, I have the last of my British Cavalry on the go at the moment and when they are done it will be time to get the collection on the table.

My SYW "to paint" box is nearly empty now, so using the above method I will try and finish off the odds and ends I have left. But the little unit per 10 days is here to stay, a few rules and a little discipline worked wonders