Monday, 9 January 2017

The Walking Dead - Days Gone Bye - Expansion Review

Following on from my recent review of the core box set for Mantics Walking Dead, All Out War game I have, through enjoyment of the game decided to expand my collection.

My first choice for my next addition was this expansion "Days Gone Bye" which focuses on the early part of the story when the group of Survivors are camped outside Atlanta, this is a true expansion and you need the starter set to use its contents.

Of all the current expansions available this one provides the most extra kit for the player who is looking to game in a group (there is a similar sized Solo expansion available).

You get another gaming mat, which is quality gloss paper and very cleverly it has a small section of road which fits with the game mat from the initial game to give a double sized playing area.

Added to that is a booklet explaining the Days Gone Bye set, it has some new rules and explanations along with a narrative Campaign of 6 linked scenarios. Here is my one quibble with this set, the scenarios in the booklet use figures outside the basic set and this edition meaning you need to buy more booster packs to get the figures. Agreed it's a good marketing tool but we were looking forward to having a go at the Campaign when this box arrived and both my and YG Jnr were disappointed.

You get 6 more character cards covering the 4 miniatures in the box plus upgrade "Veteran" cards for Patrick and Sandra from the starter set.

Then you have more Event, Supply and Equipment cards. Fire is a new addition to the game with this set and the event cards cover that and the addition of woodland to the gaming area.

The equipment includes a lovely Gory clothing card for those of you who wish to add Stale Zombie to your Cologne collection. There is however a nice Rain Storm event card to wash away the smell.

Most useful game wise (I think, haven't tried it yet) is the Remington Rifle which gives you a decent ranged weapon, my set is one of the early misprints where the Rifle range is 10", it should be 30" (or 36" can't remember).

Apart from the miniatures the last items in the box are these two thick card game and terrain counter sets. They include trees, tents, fire and woodland themed supply tokens. The art work is great and quality superb.

On to the minis next, they come in the dark grey hard plastic that the starter set comes in, however I forgot to photograph mine before I put primer on them. Here we have Dale on the left in his lookout pose, you can just imagine him like some Chief Meerkat stood atop the RV looking for danger. Next to him is Allen.

Then we have Jim and Donna.

Before we have the two exclusive Walker Miniatures for this game, a guy with a fetching Mohawk hair style and an undead female Police Officer, nice character on these Figs and something that stands out from your general Walker horde.

Hope that's been helpful to some, this really is a great game, the quality of the kit is lovely and I would recommend it it to anyone with a passing interest in the comics or TV show and that's from a dyed in the wool historical Gamer.

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