Saturday, 7 January 2017

28mm WW1 Indian Infantry (Brownlows Punjabis)

20th Punjabis (Brownlows)
The advent of our traditional Xmas Game which is set in WW1 Mesopotamia along with my entry in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge got the brushes working early this year and spurred me on to complete this little lot.

The above figures represent a battalion in our games, 4 x 8 Fig Coys with a 2 man HQ and an attached HMG stand, 37 figures all 28mm from Woodbine Design Company.

Officers in the Battalion where recruited from the British residing in India, a great advantage as they had some knowledge of the language, culture and religion of the men they were to command. A problem arose later in the war as casualties amongst the officers grew. New officers from the UK simply had no idea how to look after their troops and Morale suffered as a result.

The 20th Punjabis were part of the 6th Division which was holed up in Kut-al-Amarah, they suffered dreadfully during the siege.

There was no rest for my representation of the unit, as soon as the varnish dried they were on the gaming table for The Battle of Ctesiphon.

None Caucasian skin tones are always a challenge, mostly due to lack of practice. I used Vallejo Hull Red 70985 as a base colour and it gives the faces a nice "warm" tone. After that I used Panzer Aces 312 Leather Belt as a midtone with Beige Red as the highlight with a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone.

A nice unit to add to my Mesopotamian Collection, that's all my WW1 figures painted now, I feel a reup coming on at York.

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