Saturday 23 May 2015

WW1 Turkish Infantry - From Box to Table

28mm Woodbine Design

Things are a bit quiet here at Castle R at the moment on the gaming front, most of our little group of gamers is in the US. So I have a had a couple of weeks to catch up on some stuff and get a few re enforcements for the Turks for our ongoing Gallipoli game.

Working shifts I do have a bit of insomnia every now and again, with this comes a dreadful habit of ordering stuff off the Internet in the early hours of the morning whilst half asleep and then finding out how much I've spent the next day when I check my e-mails ! Adding to my Turkish forces has been on the cards for a while, I also needed some Artillery and MGs, it wasn't a cheap purchase.

I've done this as a box to table post as a little guide to how I get these done. A couple of caveats here, No 1, I am not trying to win a Golden Demon here these are wargames figures, I'm going for a good wargames standard, effective but without shading every button. No 2, Turkish uniforms especially towards the end of the war were not very "uniform" at all. Different suppliers, materials, dyes etc. I have gone for a single colour general look for speed and efficiency. Hopefully of use to some. All paints are Vallejo unless stated otherwise.

Okay, usual start, figure trimmed of flash and sprayed Matt Black and affixed to a 2p piece sized base. I then cover the helmet and uniform in 70870 Green Brown (2nd from right), then a heavy brush of 70914 Green Ochre followed by, closest to the lens a highlight drybrush of 70913 Yellow Ochre. I have added a small amount of white to this final highlight mostly because, unusually for Vallejo, the pigment in the Yellow Ochre is quite poor. I have painted these in batches of 8.

Next stage is the leather straps and belting, both colours are old Citadel Colours, a base of Scorched Brown, highlighted with Dwarf Flesh.

Next up I have used the magic 70875 Beige Brown to block in the hands and faces, the back packs and rifles. A highlight of this colour and 70912 Tan Yellow has been added to the weapon and kit.

Bayonets in Citadel Colour Mithril Silver and then other metal work in 70863 Gun Metal Grey.

A little bit of a filler stage, a quick clean up with black where I've gone over the edges, then painting the fez (base of Dwarf Flesh and highlight of Mechrite Red) and blanket rolls, for this batch I have used grey.

Final steps are to finish the flesh of (right) with 70804 Beige Red and a highlight of 70815 Basic Skin Tone, final step is a wash with Warpainter strong tone on the helmet, flesh, rifle, back pack on lower legs. I find dipping the whole figure loses to much detail and prefer a more target approach to washes. And that's it done, not many stages not rocket science.

Usual basing method of plaster sculpt, painted dark sand, highlighted, bastex added and highlighted. I bought about 100 of these guys and I'm about halfway through them.


  1. Thanks for your post on painting WW1 Turks. It will give me a prompt to start mine.

    1. Many thanks, I've just realised that this was 5 years ago, glad it was of use 👍