Wednesday 13 May 2015

WW1 Naval in 1/2400 (a new project begins)

First Crack at some GHQ

SMS Derfflinger
One of those on the back burner ideas suddenly popped back into my head last month. Regular readers will be well aware of my large 1/3000 WW2 Naval Collections and a trip into WW1 has always been under consideration. Many years ago when I was more active in the Leeds club there was a chap who had every, and I mean every, ship from WW1 in 1/3000 so I never bothered getting any. He stopped coming to the club a while back and the WW1 itch has been in the background for a while.

Batch 1 of my WW1 Collection.
Rather than go for another massive 1/3000 collection I opted for the much larger size, higher detailed and much more expensive GHQ range. These are great models, no doubt about it, the cost is quite prohibitive but then I'm not planning a massive amount of these (stop laughing at the back !).

SMS Blucher
I ordered these from Wargames Emporium in Sheffield, a small grumble for what is normally an excellent company, I ordered about 12 ships from the website, it was only the next day that they got in contact with me to say they only had four of the ships in stock. Surely it would be better to be told at the point of order ? They have kept me updated on the status of the remainder of the ships but I am still waiting for them a month later. So I ended it with 4 ships and these are shown individually below.

SMS Derfflinger
SMS Nurnberg
HMS Arethusa
SMS Blucher
Painting wise I have done very little different from my 1/3000 collection, I did a Sea Base Tutorial HERE and used the same technique on these. I used acrylic paints and inks to paint the ships themselves, if I get any interest I may do a Box to Table post on these in the future.

I'm looking initially at a Battlecruiser set up along the lines of Dogger Bank and will start play testing when the rest of the collection arrives and gets painted. I will use my existing WW2 rules with relevant tweeks, everyone in our group is happy with that set so why change. I'm more than happy with the way these have turned out and I'm looking forward to doing some more. There are a couple of bent guns which I didn't notice until I'd done the photographs, I'll straighten them out eventually.

Have I been distracted from my 2015 28mm Ancients Project ? Possibly.

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