Monday, 12 February 2018

WW1 Black Watch in Mesopotamia

The latest unit completed for my Mesopotamia collection is this Battalion of Highlanders in glorious 28mm. It's been a while since I started this unit, I found and bought a small selection of the figures 12 months ago (more below) but didn't get round to purchasing the rest until a couple of months ago.

The full battalion has a 2 Fig HQ with 4 x 8 Fig companies and a HMG base. The figures themselves are from two seperate sources. The first was something I came across by chance, Minifigs have a small range called Forgotten Front Miniatures hidden away on the depths of their website covering 1914 - 1930 troops, it's worth checking out there are some weird and wonderful stuff in there. You can find the range HERE.

The Highlander figures come in 3 basic poses, charging, advancing and firing. However each pose has two versions, one in full kit, the other in "light order". I have included pics of the six different figures above. Unfortunately there are no command figures so I needed another source to complete the unit.

Another wasted hour spent perusing miniatures websites paid off when I found Empress Miniatures Jazz Age Imperialism range. Designed for post WW1 (just, 3rd Afgan War was 1919 !) I spotted these Highlanders, basically in the same kit, kilt aprons etc. I could complete the Command and also add in some Lewis Gun Teams, figures in the picture above.

Which just left me with a missing MG base, neither ranges had a suitable option so I was on the hunt again, thankfully Great War Miniatures do a Highlander MG team and that finished off the unit.

Although quite different, the three manufacturers figures fit together reasonably well and to get a unit of Highlanders on the table I can live with it.

Company Numbers on the bases.
The first Highlanders (Seaforths and Black Watch) arrived in Mesopotamia in the 1916 reinforcements which had been designated to consolidate Townsends Forces after the capture of Bagdad. Of course that never happened and the units ended up trying to break the Siege of Kut. If you are interested in the history I can recommend the book With A Highland Regiment in Mesopotamia which due to age is available free if you click the link. Inspired by the book I modelled the unit on the Black Watch battalion.

A great addition to the collection and something a little different from the norm, our little Mesopotamia adventure is up to the Seige so these guys will be in action soon.

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