Sunday, 18 February 2018

Another Year Goes By - Yarkshire Gamer is 4

The Crusades Project
It's that time of year again, the world has gone round the sun (or is it the other way round !) and Yarkshire Gamer starts to mature and get ready for Nursery.

Rather than a review on the calender year end, I always have a look back on the anniversary of the start of the blog on the 19th February. Previously I have done a review of the top ten posts of the year but sadly I have been hit quite a bit by Russian, Turkish and American Bots this year so the stats are quite a bit off.

Instead I will just use it as an excuse to rehash some old photos and remember some of the games we played here at YG.

Games of the Year

WW1 Mesopotamia Action at Ctesphion
The year started off as always with our Mesopotamia adventures and a refight of Ctesphion, a real tight battle which finished exactly the same as the real battle.

This year's WW2 Naval Campaign was something a bit different, we went out to the Baltic in 1941. Lots learned about a relatively obscure Campaign, the Russian Navy made some mistakes early in the Campaign and paid dearly for them at the end.

Our attempt at refighting the Spanish Civil War battle of Jarama on the 80th Anniversary failed with various players contracting Ewok Fever at various times however once we got going another close fought game was had, going along historical lines again.

The behemoth that is Jutland rolled out of the shipyards to be played in full at Derby Worlds.

Our early war North Africa collection had a couple of outings with one large battle and a smaller one later in the year, the latter being the start of a linked Scenario Campaign based on Op Compass.

The AWI collection saw the light of day again with a crack at the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse.

And then at the end of the YG year it was back to Mesopotamia with a rare opportunity to see the Turkish Troops attacking at Umm at Tubul.

New Units

A selection of the units added to the display cabinets, Really Useful Boxes and Box Files this year are;

Blake's 7

Spanish Civil War Cavalry


Lots of units added to the WW2 Desert collection this year.

As well as lots of reinforcements for WW1 Mesopotamia.

Looking Ahead

The main Projects stumbling along in the background are the 15mm Minden build where the Allies are nearing completion and Project Crusades where I have managed 4 units in 3 years. No doubt I will be side tracked by all sorts of nonsense but at least last year I didn't start a new period.

Minden British Cavalry
Gaming wise we are already on with a big Spanish Civil War battle (Quinto) whilst next up will be the 2nd Op Compass game followed by this years top secret WW2 Naval Campaign.

Thank You

That just leaves me to thank all of you who have visited YG over the last year. All the likes, pluses and comments are much appreciated and I hope some of the stuff I do is useful or inspiring for you just as I find other blogs inspiring.

And finally thanks to my regular attendees at Yarkshire Gamer, Lon, Ian, Steve, Rob and Roger, all of them friends now for many years. Those who are not able to attend for various reasons are always welcome back.

Happy New Yarkshire Gamer Year !

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