Sunday, 19 February 2017

28mm AWI Queens Rangers Hussars

More new additions have been made to my 28mm AWI Collection recently and following on from my British 17th Lt Dragoons I managed to get this small 6 figure unit of Queens Rangers Hussars finished, which means I have gone from no AWI Cavalry to 18 in a short time. I feel a game coming on.

The figures are from the fantastic Perry Miniatures range and if I remember correctly they were one of the first figures to be released when the range came out. I bought them shortly after release and my castings where nice and clean, with only a minimal clean up required.

Painting wise it my usual Vallejo Acrylics for the figures and oils for the horses with a sculpted base, basetex and grass tufts for effect.

No real challenge paint wise here, they are basically Green with a bit of black and flesh. I have seen various versions of the uniform especially the facings which I have seen both black or black with white piping. I never did manage to see a pic of the rear of the uniform so I guessed black for the turn backs.

For a simple looking unit they are quite eye catching, it will be good to get them on the table soon. The unit were part of my entry into the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge and helped me get over my initial target with 6 weeks to go. The challenge has been a great help keeping the painting mojo alive.

I'm cracking through some 28mm SCW for our Jarama refight which is on hold for a few weeks whilst the Naval Campaign finishes. Also on the paint table are some 28mm WW1 Highlanders and some 1/2400 WW2 Naval, it keeps me out of trouble  !

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