Monday, 27 February 2017

1/2400 Tirpitz and Friends

My WW2 Collections are all 1/3000 and are definitely too big for me to even consider a foray into 1/2400. However I was recently approached by a gaming chum to put these together and paint them up for a Raid on Tirpitz game set in late 1944.

I have painted Tirpitz in its final colour scheme which was considerably simpler (thank god) than some of the earlier versions. Gone was the giant red flag and in was a muted scheme, dark grey hull and light grey uppers.

The models are of course GHQ, the level of detail on these ships never ceases to amaze me, they can be a real pain to put together and some of the smaller gun barrels never seem to bend straight. These however are small quibbles they are just great, although with the drop in the value of the pound they are becoming a bit of a luxury item.

Also in the package to paint were these 3 Destroyers, I have given them a simple painted scheme, grey all over with mid brown on the decking around the guns and bridge.

The great Battleship was under tow or stationary in the intended scenario so I haven't done much in the way of bow waves, just adding a bit of white alongside the lower hull suggesting waves breaking against the ship.

Whilst I was painting these I had a rogue Merchant ship to get finished so I chucked that in the mix at the same time and got it finished.

The ship is sold as a WW2 Armed Transport / Liner however it is destined for my WW1 collection, I have been looking for something suitable for the likes of Otranto and this will do nicely.