Saturday 19 November 2016

Saxon 15mm SYW Minden Infantry

One of my main focuses this year was to try and keep up a steady flow of finished units in an attempt to keep a level of discipline to my painting. So the idea was to complete a unit every 10 days and only start on other units once that "weeks" unit was complete.

I have to say that even with other major projects on the go it has really kept output up and there is a small, but noticeable dent in the lead mountain. I have got through quite a bit of Seven Years War this year (approaching 300 figures) getting some British Infantry and Cavalry done along with some French Guard. Next up out of the box file full of 15mm Figs was the Saxons Infantry contingent from Minden.

This week I based up the 5 battalions of 16 Figs each that have been completed over the last couple of months. Two of the units are Mini Figs the other units are a bit more unusual.

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away, well about 25 years ago, the members of Leeds Wargames Club were looking to move into 15mm SYW and decided collectively to commission their own figure as a generic basic Infantry type to cheaply fill out the "meat" of the Infantry Battalions.

The figures were made by Steve Royen former owner of Hallmark Figures, they are true 15mm, ie considerably smaller than todays 18mm fare. The idea at the time was to use the Mini Figs command packs to complete the units.

These first two units represent the two Kurprinzessin Grenadier Battalions who formed part of the Saxon Infantry Contingent at Minden, these are all Minifigs.

Next up is two shots of the Prinz Sachsen Gotha Battalion which is comprised of the "home made" figures and some Minifigs command figs, the later have been reworked since the original plan was hatched and they are larger than the old traditional style. The pose of the command team is a sloping advance which makes the fit slightly better.

Two shots next of the Prinz Anton Battalion, based on 40 x 20 mm bases.

Finally we have the Graf Brühl Battalion in all its glory. The flags are made by Maverick Models and I am going to reserve my judgement on them for now. Great service and communication from the company, they also allow you to buy individual unit flags rather than buying a sheet of 3 and throwing two away.

My issue with the flags is the finish, I ordered the "effect" type and it does not work very well in this scale, it detracts from the detail on the flag and I am sure that the standard flat finish would be much better at this size. I will certainly be ordering from Maverick again as the price and selection is good, I will just avoid the effect type. I am already halfway through the next unit of the 14 Saxon Infantry Battalions in the French Army, the next 5 are scheduled just after Xmas.

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