Thursday, 1 December 2016

1/2400 HMS Ark Royal 1915

The wind down from Jutland continues with this lovely little addition to the collection, a 1/2400 scale model of the first ever ship specifically designed as a Seaplane Carrier.

The model is from the US company WTJ and I picked it up earlier in the year with my last batch of Jutland ships. It's about the size of a small Light Cruiser and comes with two planes sculpted on board, one on the fore deck and one emerging from the hangar. A great little model and a must for any WW1 Naval collection.

The real thing saw action during the Great War in the Dardanelles flying in support of the Gallipoli Campaign as well as launching an (unsuccessful) attack on Goeben in the final year of the conflict.

It's amazing to think how far aircraft carriers would come in the short time between the World Wars.

Not much Naval painting on the go at the moment, I've got an Armed Merchant half done but not rushing with it. I've joined the The Seventh Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge this year after forgetting to join first the last couple of years, hopefully it will keep the painting juices flowing through the winter.