Tuesday 13 September 2016

Project Jutland - German HSF Complete

The High Seas Fleet  (all of it)
The first "half" of Project Jutland has been completed this week with a final small batch of 21 Destroyers / Torpedo Boats which finished The High Seas Fleet. There are 99 ships in the collection, this post is therefore mostly photos.

It's was quite good fun to finally get them all on the table in one go, setting them out in formation I was glad to find that I hadn't missed or forgotten any of the ships.

The Scouting Force
I set the Scouting Force up in sailing formation with the 5 Light Cruisers and supporting Torpedo Boats in a screen across the front of the 5 Battlecruisers with their Escort.

Lutzow leading the way

Photographing the Main Fleet in sailing formation was not so straight forward !

The Battle Line is just over 8 feet long, with no gaps between the ships

From the cheap seats
With the ships laid out its nearly impossible to get all of them into on shot, the 16 Dreadnoughts and 6 Pre Dreadnoughts are top and tailed by a Light Cruiser and a Torpedo Boat. There are two more LC DD pairs left and right of the main line at the front and rear whilst the remaining DD / TB flank either side of it.

For photographic purposes I decided to group the main force together.

A few closer shots of the group.

And it would be rude not to include some close ups !

So there you have it, the whole of the High Seas Fleet all in one place, the last batch of the British has been based and I am just about to pop down the cellar and spray them with primer.

If you fancy seeing the whole collection in the flesh it will be unveiled to the public at the Leeds Royal Armouries as part of the FIASCO show on Sunday 30th October. It will be shown as a static display as the club members will be engaged in running the show but I will be around if anyone wants a chat about the project.

We will be back at the Armouries a couple of weeks later for the RAGE WW1 wargames event, it's a single day event giving us a chance to try out some of the battle.

From there the plan is to go to some shows with the game in 2017 but with working shifts planning is not straight forward that and finding places that can fit a minimum 24 x 6 table might limit our outings.

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