Friday, 2 September 2016

Project Jutland - Armoured Cruisers

HMS Minotaur showing her teeth
The never ending project that is Jutland rolls on, closer to that elusive finishing line with the completion of Batch 7 which consists of the 8 Armoured Cruisers of the British Fleet and a random group of 4 M Class Destroyers who were late arrivals from an order to Magister Militum.

1st Cruiser Squadron
The ships are all 1/2400 GHQ Miniatures which show off their usual excellent detail. These Armoured Cruisers were however the first lot of GHQ I have had problems putting together. The secondary gun turrets come separate and although you can get some nice Gun positions as a result they are a right Royal pain to fix in place and also to keep the barrel anything like straight.

2nd Cruiser Squadron
I had a similar problem with the masts on these, in the end I had to break some off as they were that flimsy, the remaining ones have been repeatedly knocked during the build and paint stage so I don't hold much hope out for the surviving masts lasting a long time.

The 8 Armoured Cruisers 
They do scrub up nicely though and are a great addition to the fleet. The last order from WTJ arrived this week so I now have all the ships to complete the Project in da house.

The plan is to finish off the last remaining German Destroyers and Torpedo Boats to complete the High Seas Fleet next week before finishing off the last of the British in one big final batch.

HMS Hampshire sailing in a Chuckle Brothers Stylee 

For the British the progress is,

Dreadnoughts - 28 Required, Complete

Battlecruisers - 9 Required, Complete

Armoured Cruisers - 8 Required, Complete 

Light Cruisers - 26 Required, 18 complete, 8 awaiting painting.

Destroyers / TBD - 79 Required, 62 done, 21 awaiting painting.

Seaplane Carrier - 1 Required, Complete 

So of 151 ships, 126 are done or 83 %

You can never have too many M Class Destroyers 
It's a bit of a weird feeling coming to the end of this project, which part of the Lead Mountain to attack next ?

HMS Black Prince 
HMS Shannon

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