Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Project Jutland - Destroyers Everywhere

Batch 5, 47 Ships in one go

A quick update for followers of Project Jutland today as the mammoth task that was Batch 5 is completed. I did start with 52 in this batch but even my largest paint tray couldn't cope with the volume.

20 M Class all in a row
Painting big batches like this can be a real chore and it was only the power of Blakes 7 reruns that got me through. I have done the German ships in their black scheme mostly for tabletop recognition.

8 I Class
Most of the remaining ships are in da bungalow, I only have 1 order left for WTJ to go in, it's going to be a bit more expensive with the drop in value of the pound. I also managed to solve the problem called Engadine, more on that story soon.

The new German Ships
So here is an update on the Germans.

Dreadnoughts - Required 16, Complete

Pre Dreadnoughts - Required 6, Complete

Battlecruisers - Required 5, Complete

Light Cruisers - Required 11, done 6, 5 in house awaiting painting.

Destroyers / TBD - Required 61, done 43. 6 ready for painting and 12 to get.

So of the 99 ships 70 are done or just over 78% with just Light stuff left.

And smile for your close up

For the British the progress is,

Dreadnoughts - 28 Required, Complete

Battlecruisers - 9 Required, Complete

Armoured Cruisers - 8 Required, 8 in the house ready for painting.

Light Cruisers - 26 Required, 8 complete, 10 in house awaiting paint, 8 to get.

Destroyers / TBD - 79 Required, 52 done, 10 in house to paint. 17 to get.

Seaplane Carrier - 1 Required, 1 being painted.

So of 151 ships, 97 are done or 64 %.

So as you can see that batch made a big dent in the numbers left to do and batch 6 is being built today, onwards and upwards !

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